Grumbling rather than complaining InetBet

Mar 13, 2008
About a month ago, I took advantage of a casinomeister promo for Inet Bet for a $10ND bonus. Zero'ed out, no big surprise.

I had a couple of extra bucks, so I decided to play InetBet for real.

I waited over an hour after I wanted to play, because I wanted the Tuesday bonus.

Inet Bet only has e-mail responses. Or phone you back, which I have no comments on, not having used this service.

I tried to enter the casinomeister codes from the link in the promotions page.

Got "contact support"

Contacted support...told me the code was wrong, gave me a different code

The different code was wrong.

Sent me an email telling me I had to sign up for InetBet at Casinomeister to qualify for the New Depositers Tuesday bonus.

I did sign up at casinomeister, sent an e-mail saying such

Received email saying to check my balance, it's been credited.

I want variety in my life, and Inetbet gave me a chance to add another platform from a reputable RTG.

But I really hate that they do not offer live support...Should have been happy enough 4 1/2 hours ago.

It's been resolved, except for my e-mail asking about whether I have to play and withdraw my winnings on Tuesday. If it is a 24 hour promotion, a 4 1/2 hour delay is signicant.

It takes a lot to make the WR. I want quicker answers than e-mail. But to be fair,the last few were very timely. Still is kind of a ping pong response to player questions.

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