Group Buying comes to Online Gaming with the Launch of Gamble Gang


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Wanted to let everyone know here at Casinomeister about a new Group Buying service we've launched called <snip>
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As there's been the allegation made here that the news release posting which formed the basis of this thread was spam I do have to formally challenge this classification.

The thread description clearly says:

Casino Industry Discussion - This discussion group concerns industry topics: press releases, stock market issues, Nevada and offshore organizations, and other business related items

What was posted was in fact a press release. A press release in a press releases forum.

That hardly seems out of place.

Now, virtually all press releases are promotional.

The press release posted concerned a new group buying website we launched for online gaming.

I've had the release distributed by those who specialize in igaming PR so I fail to see how this was not a bonafide PR release.

I tried to ask Casinomeister regarding this decision to label the post as spam via email but did not receive a response.

(When the first post just "disappeared", I thought it was a technical glitch and the posting just never went through period)

So now that the new service we have, has been labeled as conducting spam a public challenge to this label must be made.

I would therefore ask that Casinomeister reexamine the decision to remove the press release posting and the corresponding spam label.

Now not all users may find a _particular_ press release to be of interest, but if it is an i-gaming release about something new surely that would be the users call as to what to read and what not to read I'd think.


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If that was the argument then virtually all spam could label themselves as press releases if done in this forum. Considering the fact that other threads have popped up in other forums referencing the same thing, I'm going to have to go with ....yep that's "spam."

Don't think they want ya hear!

Now who's up for some Rum? :yahoo: <~~~I love this smiley!
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There have been 2 or 3 other people in the last few days that have "promoted" (spammed) the gang-thing on this forum (all of them banned). I would guess you guys have spammed many other forums as well. But only 2 people (probably some friends of yours) have actually bought your offer. And your offer has been available for a couple of weeks or so !... And thats your "gang" :D

You need to understand that your way of spamming this gang-thing is amateurish.

I would advise members on this forum not to use this offer. Spammers are usually not good news.

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By the way, my favorite was the poor sod you guys sent in here yesterday. He acted like he had never heard of you. But he was of course kind enough to give us some info about your website and a link.

It is just so amateurish :lolup:


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I agree - one has to look at your intent here, which is not to discuss your commercial service as a matter of interest to a predominently player audience, but to publicise and promote your enterprise.

Slapping a very commercial 'press release' into a discussion forum smacks of a shotgun marketing approach, is a cheap attempt to advertise and constitutes spam imo, abusing the hospitality of our host here.

Allowing such crass misuse would have this place suffocated by hype in no time, and it should not be countenanced.

If you have a press release, send it to the owner and let him decide whether he wants to carry it and where - don't sneak in with shills and stealth.


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Hi Cam,

I didn't have a chance to respond to your email simply because I didn't have enough time. Sorry about that.

The thing is, what was deleted was not a press release - it was spam. You may feel that most press releases are cloaked ads - unfortunately (depends on how you look at it) those are not allowed on this site.

Here is a copy of yours:

News Release

4 July 2010 (Charlestown, Nevis)

Starlight Networks LLC is proud to announce that it has now launched the first ever group buying service dedicated solely to the gaming industry.

The service is aptly called Gamble Gang, and can be found at:


The service works similar to the group buying model used by Group On, but is focused exclusively on online gaming.

Due to the legal uncertainties of internet based gaming, its understandable larger companies have shied away from offering gaming products on their group buying networks.

By growing out of a large and successful gaming affiliate network, Gamble Gang will utilize its strengths in e-gaming marketing and relationships with client
gaming sites to bring gamblers the best possible group buying deals.

Gamble Gang has its first group buying deal with Red Flush Casino, a Microgaming powered casino.

Users can signup for a Special Group Discount Bonus through Gamble Gang at Red Flush Casino and receive a <snipped bonus offer>.

This is but a taste of the benefits Gamble Gang will bring to online gamblers worldwide through the power of its group buying model.
That is not a Press Release - that's an ad. And it's exploiting this board and will only piss off the membership and the moderators as well. It also can result in being banned from the forum. We have strict policies on spamming the board.

Please don't get me wrong. I don't mind webmasters coming here to become part of this community - in fact I absolutely encourage it. But in doing so, webmasters are held to higher standards - same with i-gaming reps. The forum policies are here. Please read them. Thanks!


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...I've had the release distributed by those who specialize in igaming PR so I fail to see how this was not a bonafide PR release...
If you paid someone to write that crap and distribute it, I'd demand my money back. It's poorly written with a number of errors (grammar, punctuation, content/composition, etc.).

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