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Mar 19, 2008
Anyone know if there is an active Grosvenor rep on here, my account has been suspended and I cant get it resolved,
I had an email asking me to phone a number but the line is not operational, contacted live chat 3 times, each time they
said they would get the safer gambling team to phone me but its not happened.
Can understand that they may be under pressure with the virus thing, but they found the time to suspend the account.
I just hate being ignored.

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They are - the only one that gets a pass on this is Bet365 - but we are in daily contact with them. Grosvenor is one that seems to have problems keeping a rep here. This is the unfortunate state of the environment with large casino ops. I'll see about tracking one down.
Nope, think he is shown as dormant,not much point in contacting him then.
Thought acreditted casinos were supposed to an active rep
they are but until someone needs them they arent always noticed as absent; so in those cases you ping Bry or @LadyJelena (which I have) to give them a poke with a stick and see what's up
Been really impressed with Grosvenor until now,never really tested their support before though,
appears to be sadly lacking at the moment.The problem should be easy to resolve from their
end, bit miffed that they suspended the account without notice as they wanted to talk about
recent higher deposit levels,but I cant get through to them and they wont call me, live chat cant help
so I am stuck.
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It will likely be for a responsible gambling check. I had this happen when using their sportsbook as I made 2 sizeable deposits in one day.

My account was locked immediately after the 2nd deposit, but they rang within 1 hour and went through the usual "can you afford it" stuff, and unlocked it straight away.

Obviously during this Chinese virus you may have more of an effort to get to speak to them, but until you have the telephone call (You cant do it over live chat or email) they wont unlock the account.
yep live chat say I have to talk to them but been waiting 2 days for them to phone, cant phone them as the line is dead so what can i do. I totally get it that these are unusual times but even so I think they could have managed to call in that time.Beginning to think I have won too much.Very disappointed with them.
I receive promo texts from them so I know they have the correct phone number
Yes they are a weird bunch at Grosvenor. I like the casino though.

I've always found the phone calls rather pointless and time consuming. Nothing is said over the phone that can't be conversed in a simple email.

When my 6 month Gamstop ended all correspondence with the safer gambling team was via email in regards to getting the account reopened. No phone call needed.
Quite an underrated casino; not the fastest payers, not the slowest but surprise you now and then with random ‘login and find 50 quid’ etc. Their customer support isn’t the best but then again, no ones is that great.
Play a bit there and only had the emails of ‘do you know about deposit limits etc’, no calls or anything.
I do like them,only drawback may be lack of games but playing fewer seems work in my favour.
Just hope this can get resolved soon, I feel like a yobbo hanging around outside an arcade after being banned.
( Ah that takes me back) :)
I dont want to keep going on live chat every day, seems to be out of their hands, just have to wait and see if they call.
Its day 3 account still suspended and no call, live chat just said the same thing, they might call today,
Got to be a reason for them not to call,not going to wait forever, I will either raise a
complaint or close the account, dont want to do either as I like them but they dont seem to like me.
Still getting nowhere,contacted live chat yet again today, they spoke to the safer gambling team who promised
to call today, they didnt and I am still suspended, been almost 5 days now.
No reason to believe live chat is lying, they said that there is massive backlog of customers in the same
position as me and the safer gambling team are working through them as fast as they can.
I can only assume that there must be a lot people depositing larger amounts during the lockdown
and they are taking no chances with their RG responsibilities and suspending accounts if there is a change
in deposit patterns.
I still play at grosvenor on occasion. Withdraw times suck though still. They have got better though. As now all withdraws are now processed once a day around 8pm-11pm each day. So if you withdraw after 11pm, then you will get the withdraw the next day between 8pm and 11pm but if you make a withdrawal before 8pm, then you will get it in a few hours.

It used to be the case that withdraws was processed around every 3 days. This was to ewallets too. It was soo frustrating having to wait for them.

I also am not happy in the fact they removed a lot of slots too when they revamped the website. They told me they had to remove them because they was incompatible with their new responsive design so the slots was unplayable mostly they said, because they resized incorrectly.

@shadow123 - have you tried ringing them up on the phone? That is what I do when I need to speak to them. I never use live chat as it is not the best. Speaking to them on the phone is far easier and more direct and actually gets dealt with in a better way too. As for the rep. I think they do not have an active rep on CM anymore. Maybe PM Bryan and ask if he can get hold of a new one perhaps?
Thanks but i dont need to contact them any more hopefully.
The problem was that they had to speak to me by phone before they would lift the suspension.
They asked me to phone them but the number is not currently manned so live chat told me to wait
for a call from them, which took a week to happen.

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