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Jun 3, 2013
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This is a strange site. As you know I play there, and there is NO reversal period - withdrawals are FINAL.
I have withdrawn on a Sunday and received money back to bank Tuesday (although dated on my bank statement Monday's date!).
They process at weekends.
I have withdrawn TWICE on a Sunday and had the SECOND withdrawal come Tuesday and the FIRST Wednesday!
This week I made 3 withdrawals Sunday, Monday and Tuesday and ALL 3 arrived in my bank Thursday!
I actually rang them Wednesday as I had never waited longer than that for a weekend w/d and it never turned up!

You will get paid and if Skrill and you haven't got it Monday I'd be surprised!
Yer spoke to CS over chat and they said as per t&c's a withdrawal can take up to 72 hours to be processed.
So the 12h in the info of this casino on CM is actually dated I suppose. :rolleyes:

Montezuma and Raging Rhino where very good for me tho. :thumbsup::D
Grosvenor are as solid as they come so do not have any concerns about getting paid and I imagine you will receive payment in 2-3 days.They are one of the few sites where I have never been asked for ID documents so I assume they verify all UK players electronically but as you are in Ireland and this is your first withdrawal,do not be surprised if they ask for docs before your withdrawal is processed.

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