Grosvenor big pay out “error”


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Nov 17, 2021
So cut a long story short I was in a live tournament online the Grosvenor casino app, won 50K all video proof is still on the app and I’ve got the copy, plus congratulations messages and confirmation from 7 different staff members, to then be told 3 days later they aren’t crediting my account cause apparently it was an “error” bear in mind their was people in this tournament playing aswell, wtf anyone been through owt like this with them

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But she can not post the prove if she starts a PAB. As @maxd will want that first?

I never heard anything like this before though, seems strange to me and also strange how you said 7 staff members sent you congratulation messages. That alone sounds fishy to me. But I really hope you get this sorted.

If you want to start a PAB, just click this link here: Submit Your Online Casino Complaint

If you do please read the rules and do not post about the issue in this thread or any other thread on this forum until it has completed!

Good Luck :)

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