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Apr 26, 2021
Hi all,

Currently living in the UK. Have been playing online slots since lockdowns first started last year. My girlfriend and I play slots most weekends at very low stakes (never higher than 0.30 per spin, and cap our losses to 5.00 max per slot). We’ve recorded most of our play in a spreadsheet, and more recently have been videoing our play (we keep wins of 100x or more to view whenever desires). We are slot geeks it seems...

We’ve been enjoying this pursuit until recently where we’ve found that our money lasts less and less time/spins. And our collection of 100x or more videos is being added to at a much slower rate. In the past we’ve managed to turn a 20.00 deposit into over 1000.00. We ended up withdrawing 500.00 of that and gambling the rest away - over a few months of play. We turned another 50.00 deposit into almost 600.00, but this balance has reduced to around 100.00, again after many months of play. This is purely entertainment for us and we never factor in withdrawing anything.

Anyway still enjoying it for now, but may the RTPs never lower again!

Thanks for having me.