Greetings from Chris from the Mansion Casino Group!


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Hi Guys,

My name is Chris, I work for Mansion, a company that operates - currently - four top class casino brands.

We are fortunate enough to have the domain name "" as our flagship brand, and also operate

If you have any questions about any of our brands or promotions please feel free to ask, we are powered by Playtech casino software and have been running and since 2004!

We are always looking to engage with other sides in this industry, and websites like are very important to us. This is without a doubt the most comprehensive fair-play website out there.

thanks all,



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Thanks :)

I am the representative for Mansion Group casinos on here (hoping to have it made official soon), and so any queries (and of course, problems, although contacting customer support is usually a better idea!) please don't hesitate to ask!

thanks, and happy gaming, wherever you are playing!


Temperance Fox

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????? wasn't club777 on probation?