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Hi CM, I was wondering if you could enlighten us on any info you have on GreenZap. I have read it is a total scam and run by a scam artist.

It does seem odd to me that they are offering up all this cash and I am concerned about the legitimacy of this new payment site. Any info you can share would be greatly appreciated.



Judging by the press release I have seen, this site is very dubious.

GreenZap Names Alexander Sonkin as President

LA JOLLA, CALIFORNIA, (NAMC) - GreenZap, Inc., a consumer-based online buying and spending account service, is pleased to announce Alexander Sonkin as President. Mr. Sonkin will report directly to GreenZap's Board of Directors.

Prior to joining GreenZap, Mr. Sonkin was CEO of Strategic Business Development (SBD), Inc., an international marketing and consulting company that specializes in the financial industry. Alex brings with him to GreenZap his right-hand man and former SBD COO, Michael Bernstein. Michael will serve as GreenZap's COO. Mr. Sonkin and Mr. Bernstein are accredited with growing SBD into a multimillion dollar company with over 45 directors servicing hundreds of clients worldwide.

Mr. Sonkin was also a successful derivatives trader and risk manager. He was formerly a member of the Chicago Board of Trade, Chicago Mercantile Exchange, and the Chicago Board of Options Exchange. He has acted as a consultant to a variety of international investment banks as well as commercial banks.

"We are delighted to have someone the caliber of Alex head our team at GreenZap," said a GreenZap spokesperson. "Alex, with his credentials, experience and background in international marketing and financial services will assist us tremendously in our anticipated growth."

"GreenZap is a community -- an online community where our customers and merchants can transact safely and securely across state lines, across oceans and continents. I'm excited to make the GreenZap name known around the world and making it synonymous with secure spending," said Alex during a phone interview.
Key points:

You don't announce that a right-hand man is being brought along. You either acknowledge him separately or send a new press release.

You don't quote a "Greenzap spokesman" anonymously. That is a sure sign they have something to hide.

You don't quote people by their first name during a phone interview for a press release.

Until they show some REAL credentials, I'd stay far, far away from this.


Another link. The last thing I want is for people to get scammed, so I'm checking into this more carefully.

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Note the references to eBay and Yahoo - a valid point was made that GreenZap would not likely be allowed on eBay because eBay owns PayPal.

Combine this with the fact that NO major news source has carried any news on GreenZap, and I would be very, very wary.