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Jul 30, 2005
mybe someone at casino meister can help? greentie poker a skin of ultimate bet has not been paying affiliates and hardly ever even responds to emails . Anyone have a contact there?
Often an advance warning of an online gambling venue in trouble - is this non-payment of affiliates widespread? Has any explanation been given? Is it being discussed at sites like CAP and GPWA?

Green Tie has not been around that long (couple years maybe?) and originally belonged to the Canadian provider Excapsa and operated on its network. Excapsa is a publicly quoted company on the London AIM exchange, so that gives you a little more pressure.

Greentiepoker still belongs to the same network Excapsa (ultimatebet). I actually thought about opening an account there, but i doubt i will now that i see problems may be arising. Sorry to hear about your problems pokerpromos, hope you get them solved, and sorry to say i dont know anyone there.
Does anyone have a contact with ultimatebet, maybe they could help out on this, as its basically their network?

Kavaman - i have contacted ultimate bet about this a few times over at another forum and they cannot do anything about it - Actually Amanda over at ub tried helping me out by trying to get me in contact with them but it did not work , and they seem to not really care ,

I hate to drop them as i get a lot of traffic on my site on the page about them - and was hoping theyd change - but from the first day they opened i would have to send 20 emails a month to get paid by them - so i finally just made the plunge and pulled all banners for them - but left up a few pages i have just incase they change there ways.

Whats disappointing is that theu use Ubs cashier and there software and ub cannot do anything about it?
Never Resolved - and i know of a few other affiliates who have still not been paid - They refuse to even answer an email -- still waiting if anyone can help

Whats funny is on top of the greentie poker affiliate site it says in bigbold letters POWERED BY ULTIMATE BET - but i contact ub and they say they cant do anything about it
To update this i have got in touch with Robert Demarco the Gm of Game Theory Limited, a subsidiary of Excapsa Software Inc , he is trying to get in touch with them about this matter .

He has also said if anyone else has a problem with nonpayment from Greentie poker to contact him at

Ill let you all know if he fixes this problem

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