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Aug 4, 2005
I noticed no one is posting much today. I know there hasn't been much to talk about, as Casinomeister pointed out.
I wanted to mention Vegas Splendido though. I took recommendation from here and opened up an account. Deposited $25 and played a little while, nothing to write home about. Then yesterday decided to deposit again, for the simple reason I can play BIg Top for smaller wagers and I really like that game. Well I mean to tell you, I got my money's worth of playing there. Played for at least 6 or 7 hours on 25 dollars. Now that is what I like. Could have cashed out when I doubled my money, but was having way too much fun. Left it to go to bed at 3 am and left $30 in there and played for hours again in the morning.
Now that is what I like. A casino that I can play at for a long time on little money and actually could have cashed out when I doubled, but didn't.
Thanks Casinomeister and Vegas Splendido, I had a ball.:lolup:
tantalos said:
What is this game exactly? A slots game ? :what:
It's a nine line five reel video slot that pays up to 4000 coins. It's pretty good actually. I used to play it a lot on the old MG software.
Boy I am still having fun......

I am so mad, I forgot to take a screenshot. I was playing "What on Earth" and got the 3 red space ships, and went to the bonus. I pick the first one with the girl in it and got the world, which takes you to another screen where you pick a city in the world. I picked London since I had just read something about London in the paper. So it takes you to another screen and you pick a spaceship and I picked the one with the girl in it for Queen Elizabeth and she actually picked up the Queen for 400 times my bet. Now I don't remember if I was playing 36 cents or 27 cents but I won $46 and something and cashed out $50. Now remember I only deposit $25 at a time so I am almost even now and I am still playing. After I got over the shock, I remembered I should have taken a screen shot.
I love playing here because my favorite games you can play as low as 9 cents a spin, but I usually play 18 or more a spin.
What a ball.:lolup:
Mr. "Upbeat" of the year award!

Hi rudepete!

It's refreshing to see someone getting so much enjoyment out of so little (not in a condescending way by any means). Truly. :)

I think should add Mr./Mrs. "Upbeat-Player-of-The-Year Award" as one of the categories come this January. Whether or not you win or lose in the end, we should take a poll on how long that $25 investment-of-fun lasts. ;)

Oddly enough, I think that for some wild reason, my deposits of $20 seem to last a long time, in comparison to my deposits of $100. :confused:
Thank you so much

Those were very nice words. I like reading what you have to say, because you make sense even if some see it as ranting.
I have my days when I am unhappy with a casino and I let it be known.
I am a firm believer in "What's right is right" Fairness is very important to me in life also.
I never deposit more then $50 in any one casino and usually only if they are offering something special if you deposit $50. I have won some super jackpots on depositing just $25. Last one was at Royal Vegas for $1000 playing Spectacular Wheel of Wealth and that was a big chance I took, because I had a premonition or intuition, whatever you want to call it. I said going in I was only going to spin 3 times at $2.00 a spin and I hit the wheel on the third spin. Went to the bonus and spun the wheel and it stopped on that magic number. Boy was I a happy camper.
I always gamble by the seat of my pants. Namely, intuition. I do alright that way too.
I marvel at the thousands of dollars some people play.WOW
I would be in the poor house in a week. LOL
You have a great week and I wish you much luck in all your endeavors.:thumbsup:

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