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Mar 29, 2002
I just signed up and played at Vegas 7 casino over the weekend, made a little profit on Thunderstruck and had the money in my neteller account this morning! Great service and good signup bonus. :yes:

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glad to hear of your good fortune, but bearing in mind the T&C for their signup bonus

'To cash in your original purchase and bonus you MUST HAVE in your account at least the original amount purchased plus double the bonus ($//€50 purchased PLUS 2 x 75 match bonus PLUS 2 x 11 Sign in Bonus = $//€222) AND you MUST WAGER an amount equal to the purchase PLUS 5 times the amount of the Bonus (example: $//€50 purchased PLUS 5 x $//€75 bonus PLUS 5 x 11 Sign in Bonus = $//€ 480 wagered).
PLEASE NOTE: Playing at Roulette, Cyberstud, Baccarat, Craps, Blackjack, Red Dog, Sic Bo and Video Poker DO NOT fulfill any of the cashin requirement cited above (doubling bonus and wagering requirements)'

its worth reminding any would be player at this or other casino's with similar T&C that it would appear to be profit or bust!

Best of luck to all.
That's why the call it gambling! I was giving them more credit for the fast service and good s/w than the signup bonus, though that was good too. As I say frequently though, ALWAYS READ THE T&C BEFORE YOU PLAY A SINGLE HAND!

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