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Great CET Offer for Council Bluffs

Discussion in 'North American Land Based Casinos' started by Sandy Beckers, Mar 24, 2012.

    Mar 24, 2012
  1. Sandy Beckers

    Sandy Beckers Dormant account

    Sales Manager
    East Tennessee
    I am taking advantage of a terrific offer I received from CET.... Airfare from my home area to Omaha, NE, 3 nights at Harrah's, an Amenity basket (???), and $100 in free slot play. I already have two $75 FSP vouchers that I can use during the dates I selected in mid April.

    I hit $800 on Wizard of Oz Ruby Slippers last fall when I was in Omaha on business......I imagine they want it back, lol!

    Oh, and 2 free buffets!

    I've played a little at both Horseshoe and Harrahs and like the former best. I have Diamond status -Have any of you had a chance to visit the Diamond Lounge at either or both? CET's Diamond Lounges vary so very much from place to place.....what can I expect in Council Bluffs?

    Also, are drinks comped while playing?

    I could have stayed up to 5 nights complimentary and here is another great thing - - there are 3 packages and I was told that I can do this trip 3 times - one time per package - anytime from April 1 through May 31. Unless something changes I plan to go all 3 times!

    Looking forward to reading comments and suggestions!
  2. Mar 25, 2012
  3. Simmo!

    Simmo! Moderator Staff Member

    Web Dev.
    Hotel and comps I can understand but airfare? Not come across that one before..is it common? Wonder if they do'd that for me and Vegas :D
  4. Mar 25, 2012
  5. Sandy Beckers

    Sandy Beckers Dormant account

    Sales Manager
    East Tennessee
    I've never seen one to Vegas but it would be nice! I got one once before for St Louis - that I didn't take advantage of which was silly. Maybe I was really busy at the time because when they cover everything and even kick in some free play why not take advantage of that?
    There are 3 packages - all are for 2 people - and I took the only one that did offer free play because I'm going alone and meeting a former business associate who lives in Omaha. I can still use the other two if I do it before May 31 and it's an "availability" situation so the longer I wait to book the less likely it may be for me to go again.
    Theres a romance type package that has strawberries, chocolates, and champagne upon arrival, dinner for two at one of two high end restaurants, and either golf or a $50 spa credit. Another package offers fine chocolates upon arrival, dinner each night at each of their high end restuarants with a personal table side visit from the chef.
    All that is nice but I'm there to gamble so I went for the money. Maybe between now and then I'll meet Mr. Right and can impress him with the other amenities....! lol,
  6. Mar 25, 2012
  7. Diane

    Diane Ueber Meister

    Consultant - HR
    I get these all the time and use as many as I can. Charter flights usually with free air, 3-4 nights hotel, some meal comps and free play. Then there are some like this ST. Louis offer or what they call "Vegas by Invitation" where they allow you to fly free on a commericial flight.

    I am mid-level Diamond with CET usually hit 30k in tier points or so (11k is min for Diamond, unless you do the DIAD thing on one long day)

    Heading to Tunica on free charter + hotel + meals + FP on Tuesday through Saturday.....anyone on here live near there? Would love to meet some of you in person for a cup of coffee or free shared meal.


    Last edited: Mar 25, 2012
  8. Mar 26, 2012
  9. cheetahwind

    cheetahwind Senior Member

    Wind Blade Maker
    Harrah's Council Bluffs is one of the underdog properties in the area. Just FYI, they've deeply discounted there buffet and even there dinning area. They've basically left Harrah's in the dust and left it up the Horseshoe to be there money maker. How you can tell? Harrah's slowly getting the run down look, while there really putting alot of upkeep into the horeseshoe.
    To get to your questions, the food at Harrah's isn't anything to rave about mainly because of it being the cheap buffet in town. If you can get comped into the Horseshoe buffet or even the steakhouse at either place you'll have a way better experience. Make sure though that when your getting comped, that they are actually comping you and not taking stuff away from your points. I had this happen a few times when a host says they'll comp something to me. To find out points have gone missing.
    At either location as long as your either playing the tables or as you said your a Diamond player, playing slots. They'll comp you 1 drink every 30 minutes. Otherwise if your anything less than a diamond player and want free drinks. You better be playing at the tables. Also watch out for how much you have to drink because security at either place has no problem kicking someone out for being too sloshed. Plus lets hope they actually call you a cab back to the hotel if you go play at the shoe. Because they won't let drunks ride there shuttles back and forth.
    If you want my honest opinion, granted you've gotten pretty much VIP status at the Caesar's properties. I would go check out Ameristar while in the area. They'll comp you drinks while playing at the tables as well, and if you play long enough at there slots they'll comp you a few drinks as well. Also there buffet is the BEST to be had in the area. Tell me of any other buffet in the US that has received a 5 diamond AAA rating along with there hotel. The food at Ameristar cannot be beat and hosts and pit bosses are pretty liberal about comping you to the buffet or there wonderful cafe. Also at the buffet they'll cook your steak to order.
    To get to your question about the lounges, the lounge at Harrah's as said above. Is pretty sub standard because once again there not putting much into the place. The shoe keeps hot coffee and normally quite a few muchies around for Diamond players.
    Also if you don't mind taking a break from the slots or tables. The shoe has a dog track and lots of different parimutuel options up in there racetrack area. The area also has a nice mall and also within the vicinity of the 3 casinos. They have a nice TGI Fridays and Quaker Steak and Lube (The hottest wings in town).
    I realize this review was a bit Ameristar biased, but it's mainly because I love the treatment I get from them. Granted I don't free flights around or anything, but at least they know how to treat a player right.
  10. May 7, 2012
  11. doc3738

    doc3738 Full Member

    little late I think

    I was a high end diamond member,so the comps were great for some time .
    I really do not know what happenedto make things change.
    I would get a nice voucher offer in the mail .I would make a resveration to go down and use the voucher only to get there and be told sorry this voucher is not correct .They would have me another one at a very discredited amount. A 100. voucher suddenly becomes a 35-40 dollar or a 50 becomes a 10-20 voucher
    From there it went down to not being able to get a room that had been reserved. We can put you up at another location and then to not getting a room at all
    They closed the diamond lounge at a casino we went to very often and when it was reaopened it was a little cubby hole with hardly any room in it
    For sometime I thought it was just me and something I had done so they were getting even or correcting something ,then I start hearing others complain and being turned down on rooms or vouchers.
    I can't speak for all of the Harrahs/Horseshoe casinos but a few I can.
    I have not played at either of these casinos in about 2 years. Talking with others I have met over the years a lot of them have quit or really cut back on the playtime that they did spend at them
    Just be careful with offers that are sent to you the last one we used was for a anniversay . It was a room two nights,a meal at jacks steakhouse,plus 75.00 voucher
    The room was gone, the meal was only half paid for and the voucher was only good for 20.00. The rest of the meal they took off of my points
    As some one else stated we found that is what happened to me they would say I would be comped for a meal or for a room and when I checked they had taken it off my points .
    That was the last straw for me
    Let me say we played more in Louisiana than anywhere else
  12. May 7, 2012
  13. Sandy Beckers

    Sandy Beckers Dormant account

    Sales Manager
    East Tennessee
    Wow. If I ever do travel to a casino to take advantage of a good comp offer and I'm told it is "not redeemable" that will be my last trip there. That is not how to treat one's customers and I will not be back if that happens. I was treated very well on my trip. I was puzzled when the host who picked me up at the airport said that I should wear this 777 pin that I was given because it would get free drinks and admission to the 7 Star lounge at Horseshoe. I didn't make it to the lounge but since I had heard about the free drinks I didn't understand the pin. but....I didn't bother asking, just wore my pin with pride, lol! Is that something that people can see and know that I've paid $$$$$ for that pin?? Maybe next time I won't wear it after all!!

    I was ok with Harrah's, went to Horseshoe for a few hours one night but I was doing so well on the slots at Harrah's I played there. Mostly on Mr Woo.

    And I write this from Horseshoe in Elizabeth - - I have to be in Indiana for my new job tomorrow and had $115 in FP for Horseshoe so here I am! Did good on a couple of Cashman Tonight machines, winning an $82 progressive on one and an $86 progressive on another. Which is good after the beating I took at Cherokee last week.
  14. May 7, 2012
  15. doc3738

    doc3738 Full Member

    Be Careful

    as you know Harrahs and Horseshoe are now owned by Harrahs entertainment
    We found out that even though they are the same ,the comps and points work different
    You really have to watch them because at one you get a comp and it does not touch your reward points at the other one they take it off
    At one if you get cash it comes of your reward points at he opther one it doesn't
    You never know what place is going to take away from your reward points and call it a comp and never tell you
    Before you take a comp even for a meal be sure and ask if it is coming off your reward points
    It had gotten so bad at bossier in Louisiana that on any fri sat night you could drive up and park at the front door at either harrahs or horseshoe
    That was a real eye opener for us.
    We were fortunate enough to meet a couple of real professional gamblers and that was one of the tips they gave us is you drive up and a casino parking lot is not full on a weekend night then be very careful about playing at it .

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