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Dec 5, 2002
I want to tell you about one casino - Link Removed ( Old/Invalid)
They give great bonus - 100% of your first deposit up to $200! It is excellent!
I deposited $200, received $200 as bonus and won $815 in 1 hour! I think, they don't cheat with their players as in another on-line casino.
And yesterday I received email from manager of caribbeanpearlcasino, where he write that they give Christmas bonus ($50) to all their registered users.
There is no information about Christmas bonus on Link Removed ( Old/Invalid)
But don't pay attention to this fact. You can receive bonus, if you will write email to
Good luck!
Yeah, right!

This place has featured in several complaints lately. It's one of those crappy E-Cash Systems outfits powered by the Russian Avesta-Viadem software - they're all on the OPA NOT RECOMMENDED list.
My name is Alexander.
I am manager of

Dear Jetset, do you try to play on our casino yourself? Or did you hear about us only?
You don't like software of russian programmers? Why? Do you dread all Russian?

So, I try explain that is fair casino.
Because this is casino, somebody wins in casino, but somebody doesn't win in casino. It is not happen, that all people win in casino always. And if somebody wrote that he lost money in casino, this is not mean that all gamblers in this casino lose money always.
As for, I can give examples when people won $1000, $2000, $3000 and we paid this money without delay always.

I will not say about another casino, but I heard cases, when people won good money, but casino didn't pay these winnings.

Now we give Christmas bonus (up to $50) for all our real money gamblers.

So, if you have some question about, please, don't hesitate to email me. I want that all people have correct opinion about our casino.

Thank you.
Come on - we all know it's rigged. Don't be ridiculous.

Check out the Gambling Grumble on Caribbean Pearl (dated Oct. 30).

Do a search on Winneronline for Caribbean Pearl. Netgaming or any of the other casinos using the same software. Here's a few links:
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You do not have permission to view link Log in or register now.

Your software provider contacted OPA to get of the Not Recommended. He told you changed software and offered a $50 account to Mike Craig so he could verify the fairness.

Well - here's his comments:


We got a call from a software provider who is on our Not Recommended list, he wanted to be taken of our Not Recommended list as he told us their previous software faults had all been fixed, so sure was he that their games are now fair he set up an account in one of the casinos for an OPA volunteer to check and play with the casinos money! Heres his email; I find my name on your site under Ekla Casino. Well we had some problem before. But now you can check all our casinos. We already sold a lot of casino's. I want you to check our each casino and please remove from your list.

Best Regards
Vipin Goyal
Business Development Manager
Toll Free Phone: +1-888-445-2918
International calls: +1-514-931-2572
Office Fax: +1-514-931-1965
2k Services Inc.
3500 Maisonneuve West Suite 1108
Montreal PQ Canada
H3Z 3C1

Well videopoker was the game we tested and here are the game logs:

02/28/2002 16:46:51E mike02 - $1.25 Video Poker:48.75
02/28/2002 16:47:04E mike02 - $1.25 Video Poker:47.50
02/28/2002 16:47:18E mike02 - $1.25 Video Poker:46.25
02/28/2002 16:47:35E mike02 - $1.25 Video Poker:45.00
02/28/2002 16:47:46E mike02 - $1.25 Video Poker:43.75
02/28/2002 16:47:57E mike02 - $1.25 Video Poker:42.50
02/28/2002 16:48:11E mike02 - $1.25 Video Poker:41.25
02/28/2002 16:48:22E mike02 - $1.25 Video Poker:40.00
02/28/2002 16:48:34E mike02 - $1.25 Video Poker:38.75
02/28/2002 16:48:50E mike02 - $1.25 Video Poker:37.50
02/28/2002 16:49:05E mike02 - $1.25 Video Poker:36.25
02/28/2002 16:49:18E mike02 - $1.25 Video Poker:35.00
02/28/2002 16:49:32E mike02 - $1.25 Video Poker:33.75
02/28/2002 16:49:43E mike02 - $1.25 Video Poker:32.50
02/28/2002 16:49:54E mike02 - $1.25 Video Poker:31.25
02/28/2002 16:50:09E mike02 - $1.25 Video Poker:30.00
02/28/2002 16:50:23E mike02 - $1.25 Video Poker:28.75
02/28/2002 16:50:37E mike02 - $1.25 Video Poker:27.50
02/28/2002 16:50:48E mike02 - $1.25 Video Poker:26.25
02/28/2002 16:50:57E mike02 - $1.25 Video Poker:25.00
02/28/2002 16:51:09E mike02 - $1.25 Video Poker:23.75
02/28/2002 16:51:21E mike02 - $1.25 Video Poker:22.50
02/28/2002 16:51:31E mike02 - $1.25 Video Poker:21.25
02/28/2002 16:51:42E mike02 - $1.25 Video Poker:20.00
02/28/2002 16:51:53E mike02 - $1.25 Video Poker:18.75
02/28/2002 16:52:07E mike02 - $1.25 Video Poker:17.50
02/28/2002 16:52:24E mike02 - $1.25 Video Poker:16.25
02/28/2002 16:52:35E mike02 - $1.25 Video Poker:15.00
02/28/2002 16:52:48E mike02 - $1.25 Video Poker:13.75
02/28/2002 16:53:00E mike02 - $1.25 Video Poker:12.50
02/28/2002 16:53:14E mike02 - $1.25 Video Poker:11.25
02/28/2002 16:53:34E mike02 - $1.25 Video Poker:10.00
02/28/2002 16:53:51E mike02 - $1.25 Video Poker:8.75
02/28/2002 16:54:05E mike02 - $1.25 Video Poker:7.50
02/28/2002 16:54:20E mike02 - $1.25 Video Poker:6.25
02/28/2002 16:54:31E mike02 - $1.25 Video Poker:5.00
02/28/2002 16:54:42E mike02 - $1.25 Video Poker:3.75
02/28/2002 16:54:58E mike02 - $1.25 Video Poker:2.50
02/28/2002 16:55:08E mike02 - $1.25 Video Poker:1.25
02/28/2002 16:55:19E mike02 - $1.25 Video Poker:0.00
The Casino is casinoearth (software ELKA) and the tester did know how to play video poker (in case you was wondering)

They will remain on the Not Recommended list, and players thinking of playing there may we suggest you have a wager on Elvis been found alive and well on the moon whilst having dinner with men from Mars as the odds are less than the above results happening!
In fact I think I'll send you the usernames of a couple of players that got raped by your casino. To show your good will you could refund them their deposits.

Jyde, did you try to play in our casino yourself? OK, may be yes. And may be these accounts, which you sent to me, are your accounts in our casino.
what about it?
If you lost money in land casino, will you demand to return your money and will you cry everywhere about that this land caino is cheater? I think - no. Because you know - today you are luckless.
But why do you cry that is chiter???
I will not refund no money, because these money was lost. And it is normally. Somebody wins, somebody lose.
In July I lost $600 and 300 in
Is it mean, that is bad and rigged casino? No!
In May I lost near $500 in
Is it mean, that all casinos of are rigged casinos? No!
All these facts mean that I was luckless when I played in these casino.
Do you see analogy?
And please, don't compare with others casino of Netgaming family. We responsible for our casino only. And many people win in
If somebody want to see, that I write truth, please email to me. I am ready to show logs, which confirm my words.
Mr. Manager - when Jetset mentioned the software was russian and cheating you implied his remarks were racist.
When I sent you accountnames on two players that was robbed by your software - you imply I am cheating and opening accounts in your casino under different names. What the [color=ff0000]•[/color][color=ff0000]•[/color][color=ff0000]•[/color][color=ff0000]•[/color] is this? Only a masochist would open more than one account in your casino.

First of all the two players are from UK and USA - and I'm from a third country. Secondly you seem to miss the fact that I'm not the one crying - your players are.

Any comments on the Grumble? Any comments on the results players in general experience in your software? Any comments on the 40 lost hands in a row playing Jacks or Better?

Why shouldn't I compare Caribbean Pearl with other casinos in the Netgaming family - you're a family right? You share software, support, ecash and horrible odds on your games.

If you wan't to show logs - post the logs from the two players I mentioned. They don't mind.
Carribean Pearl has the most blatantly cheating software I have ever encountered in 2.5 years of gambling online. And when I brought it to their attention, how my cards changed before my eyes, how I was not paid out on winning bet, how I was dealt a card on my hand of 20 (despite clicking on stand) and a coupla of other things I have tried hard to block out due to feeling so ridiculous to have not checked them out and found they were a definite NO-GO casino, they weren't the slightest bit concerned.

Steer clear of any casino which uses this software.
Dear Jyde, when I replied to Jetset, I want to say, that one ought not to say "bad, cheat" if software was made by russian programmers. May be you don't know, but Microgaming's software was made by russian programers.
When I reply to you, I didn't want to call you "cheater". But I don't understand, why we must refund money, which were lost in casino? See my example about land casino.
But what do you want? You want win always and never lose??? It is impossible! Sometimes you lose, but sometimes you win!
I repeat, if you want, let's somebody, who is authority for you (or you), email to me and I am ready to show statistics where one can see that we are not cheater and people play and win in our casino. But of course, sometimes somebody loses. And this is normally.
Dear Vickinz, did you ever play in land casino? Did you win always? I think no. But why do you want to win always in online casino???
May be you name you account in and I will look at you game statistics?

As a matter of fact, why do I must to justify? For last half a year I saw only 5 or 6 negative opinions about
And nevertheless we have many new players and many permanent players in our casino. And they play and win. Some times somebidy loses, but if people don't go away from this is mean they know, that they have good chances for win and get winnings.
Attach Removed (Old not found) Manager - Vickinz is the last person whose landbased experiences you should question.

Why do you keep asking if we played on land? Landbased gambling and your casino are incommensurable.

And why do you patronize us like we don't know what gambling is about? We don't mind losing money in a fair game of BJ or Videopoker - absolutely not. We don't expect to win every time - but we most certainly don't expect to get raped either.

I'm starting to sound like a parrot:
Any comments on the Grumble? Any comments on the results players in general experience in your software? Any comments on the 40 lost hands in a row playing Jacks or Better?

(Message edited by jyde on December 07, 2002)
Jyde, but I don't undestand your claims. If you hadn't good fortune, when you plaied in our casino, it is mean that somebody won these money which you lost.
I see that our dispute become nonsensical. You repeat again and again you meaningless claims and show to me some logs from casinoearth. It is stupid. WE ARE NOT casinoearth! WE ARE CARIBBEANPEARLCASINO! Please, understand this, if you can!
Show to me cogent argument about Caribbeanpearlcasino. And don't say that we are one family and so on. Let's speak about Caribbeanpearlcasino only, OK?
If you cann't cite cogent argument about just Caribbeanpearlcasino, then let's stop this talk.
You don't like our casino - it's your right. But many people play and win in daily. And unlucky persons are disposed to accuse of other people in their misfortunes...
So, now I will be reply only if I will get cogent argument about
Good luck, sirs!:)
Oh for fucks sake - you're using the same software as casinoearth. How can that be meaningless? And the account was created for test by your softwareprovider. Isn't that essential?

I bring a Gambling Grumble on your casino to your attention. Meaningless? Why? Did you even read it?

I point out what players in general think of your software. Meaningless. Why?

I point out that the software you use can produce 40 losing hands of JorB in a row. Meaningless? Why?

I gave you two accountnames with extremely bad results. Meaningless? Why? Did you look at them - or didn't you have to because you already knew what you would find?

Vickinz desribed some of all the bugs in your software - and what did you do? Ask her if she ever gambled on land and always won? What the [color=ff0000]•[/color][color=ff0000]•[/color][color=ff0000]•[/color][color=ff0000]•[/color] has gambling on land to do with cheating buggy software - and the fact noone was interested in the errors she encountered.

(Message edited by jyde on December 07, 2002)
Dear Mr Manager.

I understand what you are saying.Sometimes we win,sometimes you win.Players get upset when they lose and get angry then blame the casino.

If they gamble online and lose,they moan.Onland to lose is normal.

You run carribeanpearl properly and pay people when they win.

I don't even understand what Jyde is trying to say.

Are you saying the cards dealt at Carribeanpearl casino are not dealt using a random number generator Jyde?

If you feel Jydeman is accusing Carribeanpearl of wrongdoing unfairly or possibly you feel you'd like a second opinion on the randomness of the cards provided for you by your software suppliers may i suggest you contact the gamemaster MrManager for an independant second opinion to refute his allegations..
You do not have permission to view link Log in or register now.

(Message edited by amandajm on December 07, 2002)
"...when you plaied in our casino, it is mean that somebody won these money which you lost." Yeah - the owner of this casino was probably the winner alright!

I don't give a damn what nationality developed a particular software as long as it is fair, and the sad fact is that Russian offerings don't generally have that good a rep. Take Clock Media's original software developed by a guy called (strangely enough) Alexander, too as an example, and the unseemly and unprofessional public wrangling between him and Jorge that took place as a result.

I don't have to play at Caribbean Pearl (in fact players don't "have" to play anywhere sub-standard because there's plenty of good casinos out there)

If I do some fundamental research and a number of reports indicate to me that I could lose my shirt (unfairly) at a particular operation, then I avoid it like the plague - that's the whole point of researching - to avoid the integrity-challenged casinos that cheat or don't pay. The OPA NR list is one of the first places I check, and GG is a close second.

Instead of berating your critics you should be sorting out your problems.

The Gamemaster reviewed our tests on software provided by the casino manager and at his invitation and concurred that the results were non-random.

This software is identical to that used by Caribbean Pearl and runs on the same servers.

Vicki's complaint was that *as she watched* cards changed their value on her screen.

The Gambling Grumble referred to contains a statement by eCashservices that the software is not random.

A more damning case could not be assembled, short of videotaping the developer demonstrating how bad the software is.
Any sensible fairminded person, which I know myself to be, accepts that losing is a frequent part of gambling. I had done better gambling online than on land, although lose often too. Your casino is the only place I have seen cheating software with my own eyes in 2.5 years so I am not one to cry "wolf" or be a sore loser.

My complaint has nothing to do with losing money THROUGH gambling. I haven't complained here about losing my $200 deposit; I complained about bets which I lost through your software not working honestly.

That the casino was not thanking me on "bended knees" for wasting my time to bring such "bugs" to their attention (in a reasonable, non-threatening way) and trying to do something about it led me to conclude that they purposely want to cheat players of their money else they would be rushing to investigate it.

You are merely deflecting attention from the main issues when you keep asking non relevant questions like do I lose at land casino. Yes I do, very often, but never have they won money off me DISHONESTLY such as your casino has.
Okay I am convinced. I will never play at Caribbean Pearl Casino. I think you would have to be crazy to deposit money you know beforehand you are going to lose. The operators of Caribbean Pearl Casino should be ashamed and I appreciate the heads up from everyone for bringing this to my attention. It wouldn't make any difference if they offered a $1,000 bonus, which their non-random software guarantees they will get back.

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