Great Article by Martin Owens


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Oct 15, 2004
Toronto, Ontario - Canada
Bryan and/or Simmo, hope this is okay to put a link back to Greedy's site here? I just read this and thought it was worth sharing.

FTR, Martin Owens is a California based attorney who specializes in internet gaming law.

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Excellent read - I liked this par:

"Why have the Neteller founders been arrested but the company itself left alone? For the same reason that the Department of Justice (DOJ) fined the St Louis Sporting News for carrying I-gaming ads, but backed away from Casino City Press’ suit for declarative judgment on the same subject. For the same reason they declare all Internet gaming is against the Wire Act (it isn’t). For the same reason the press releases proclaimed the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act had outlawed I-gaming in America (it hasn’t). As with wiretaps and surveillance, the DOJ is no longer enforcing the laws, but imposing a policy. They have appointed themselves protectors of the moral order, and the hell with what the people want or what the statutes actually say."
I agree Jetset. I wouldn't mind having this guy as my lawyer if I were ever dragged into court on any of these trumped up charges. :thumbsup:

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