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Sep 22, 2004
Woman lives in London

bit of a homesite junky myself, but getting to terms with cold fusion.

personally graphics more my thing!

What would you rate a 'decent' graphics package?

OKAY OKAY, I SAID I am an allrounder nerd! geeeeeze, give us a break!! :p
I use Photoshop 6.0 for most of the graphics here at Casinomeister - and for any animation I use and old version of Fireworks (which I really need to update). I find that Fireworks is pretty user friendly when it comes to building banners. The export wizard is tops IMHO.
photoshop... any version,is pretty okay by me. I think it is allright.

i have to say way back when dinosaurs ruled the planet, i remember my favourite graphics package being on the old Amiga. It was Deluxe paint. I had up to version V. That package (raving loon sorry) was way ahead of it's time, and a great allrounder for animation too! I also had 'Tempra'. NOT as great but doable.

I now use a bit of everything... ONE package never seem to do the all-rounder job.

BUT, oi, if I could get my Deluxe paints back.......
if is for children, it's an illusion.... hehhehe
dexter ... unfortuanately I currently do not have a site.

I am in the process of working on one though and will let you know once I am done ... (If you want) *grinning*

I will humbly then submit myself to honest critism!
3D Studio Max is one I use. Expensive as h***, but a great program.

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