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I just need to vent about this situation, because it has now been a month since I "won" on GrandBanks Casino, but still have yet to see the money. I know this Casino is recommended here on this website, but they have left a bitter taste in my mouth! I am a newcomer to online casinos and with my first experience I am left feeling like they are not what they are advertised to be. I chose to be paid by PayPal because I was told (by GrandBanks website) that it was the fastest way to be paid (supposedly in 3 days). I already had an established PayPal account, so I expected to see my money within 3 days. As I've stated now 4 weeks later and several emails, I STILL DO NOT HAVE MY MONEY!!! My frustration with this situation is what led me to find this website (Casinomeister) to try to get some resolve. I just want to be paid. I've been given several excuses by GrandBanks as to why I still haven't been paid. I requested that they just send me a check if nothing else....still no payment.
Grandbanks is rubbish. I almost didn't play again a few months ago because they always took so long to pay. They've only paid me part of a cashin from over a month ago. I'm still owed $750 by paypal. Their website still says payouts are almost instant.

This casino is OPA approved but I'm not even sure if they are really licensed! Apparently they are licensed in St Vincent and Grenadines.
I can't believe it but not only did I get the Grand Banks withdrawel half an hour ago, but 10 minutes later I got an email saying Casino388 had sent my $90 too after three and a half months.

I don't think my Casino388 complaint ever appeared here but I sent a complaint form about both these casinos at the same time after I renewed my OPA membership a couple of weeks ago.
By the way...I've been getting some good responses from the Grandbanks Casino people. These matters should be cleared up sofort.

Well, thanks to Bryan Bailey, I did get a response from the Manager of Client Services at Grand Banks Casino regarding my non-payment. He stated I would receive my money by end of day on the 17th (which was yesterday). Guess what??? You got it! I still didn't get my money!!! I sent another flaming email to Grand Banks this morning. I wonder what their next excuse will be?? We're now going past the one month mark for not getting paid.
I first requested payment from Grand Banks
on September 17, 2001. Today is October 19,
2001. No winnings have been paid to me.

On September 20, 2001 , my deposit money
was reversed back to my FirePay account.

I requested that my winnings be sent to
my PayPal account.

I have called Grand Banks telephone support
a number of times and have been told that
it is "out of their hands". They have told
me to contact GB Central Deposit.

I have done so. Each time I am told by them
that I will be paid "next week". They have
not paid and are not true to their word.
Well, factorx, you can try emailing the same guy that emailed me (although I still haven't been paid either). He's supposed to be the Manager of Client Services at Grand Banks. His email is He obviously is also manager at Black Widow Casino, so make sure you're clear that it is your Grand Banks Casino account.

His last email to me was late yesterday and he said that worst case scenario now is that I'll be paid Monday. I'm not holding my breath.

I'm not as much upset about not getting paid as I am the whole runaround and the fact that they blatantly lie about when you get paid. If they had been straight forward right up front about how long it would take, I would have chosen a different method of payment. I'm guessing they don't tell you how long it really takes to get paid, because they're afraid you'll take your business somewhere else. Well......isn't that false advertising?? They have certainly ensured now, that that's exactly what I'm going to do (take my business elsewhere). And in the process I'm going to make every effort to inform others that they shouldn't do business with them either. The fact that several of us have complained about the same thing here in this forum leads me to believe there are most likely others who have been done the same way.
Hi Factorx,

I forwarded your complaint to the manager earlier today. Hopefully you'll be hearing something from them soon.

Grand Banks transferred my winnings to my PayPal
account 34 days after request date.

Casinomeister Bryan forwarded my complaint to
Grand Banks on October 19. OPA Steve Adkins
forwarded my complaint to them on October 20.

On Sunday, October 21, Grand Banks released
my money into my PayPal account.

Coincidence? Maybe or maybe not. You be the judge.
I have been waiting for a payout from Grand Banks.....they dont respond to my emails, and the telephone support is lame (" I will leave a message for my supervisor&#34 ;) since Casinomeister advertised them I thought they were RELIABLE ......but I guess not

If you're having problems, why not be a bit more specific like the date you cashed out, how much, and your user name? Unless you just want to vent, I can't assist you (and the casino manager for that matter) without that sort of info.

O K Bryan....on Jan 15 I requested a draft for 3300.00 It still shows in my "history" however in"withdrawal management, it shows $3210.00 that I can "reverse" I do not want to reverse, I just want to get login is xxx....what else do you need? I was hoping that this would be confidential......
Hi Saliva,

Sorry, I didn't mean you were obligated to post all of your info in the forum (I've changed your casino user name). You could have emailed me or filled out the form in "Pitch a Bitch"

Regardless, I will contact the casino on your behalf to see exactly what the hold up is.


Bryan, I received a message from the security dept. asking me to fill out a "faxback form". O K no problem, but why did they wait 16 days to tell me this? I know you cant answer that, but it makes me think that they like to stall. Anyway, I will keep you posted.
O k Bryan. I faxed back the "faxback form" so the "ball is now in their court". The manager sent me a pleasant message, but still didn't explain the long delay in requesting the form!
Hi Saliva,

I was contacted by GB management and they explained that due to the size of the withdrawal, it is crucial that they have the correct mailing addresses, etc. At first, they do this via the Internet, then via a faxback. What may seem like stalling is simply them making sure that the check is going to the right person. They have been getting charged shipping fees for player accounts when the addresses are wrong, bogus, or old. For everyone reading this, you may want to ensure that all your accounts are updated!

Bryan, just an update
I faxed the required form and the requested identification to Grand Banks, and have heard zero from them, no acknowledgement, nothing! The fax was sent on 01/31/02 at 11:32 am EST. What does the manager have to say about this?
another update:
I received an e-mail from the manager stating that the fax was "unreadable" and he suggested that I use a felt-tipped pen . Supposedly I was notified of that, I received NO e-mails regarding this. So tomorrow I will get a "felt tipped" pen and re-send the fax! Stall Stall Delay, what else can I say?
Another example of bad practice is their sending unwanted and unrequested offers to my email and, to compound it the reply to unsubscribe doesn't work! Unprofessional and not honest imo.
Bryan, a final update on Grand Banks:
I finally received my check today, 37 days after I requested a withdrawal! Thank you for your help!

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