GrandBanks/BlackWidow (Playtech) should be rogued!


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Jun 2, 2005
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Grand Banks has owed me $500 for over 2 months now. Whenever I talk to a CSR* about it, they always say they will email "the financial services manager". I have also emailed this character around 4 times in the last month, and have received absolutely no reply. Today, when speaking to the CSR, she all but agreed that GrandBanks was corrupt, but said it was none of her business, and that she wasn't corrupt, and there was nothing she could do. These people don't even have a financial transaction support phone number to call - the CSR the other day swore to this fact.
(* It's my understanding that the CSRs at Chance Group Casinos work on a contract basis for the casinos)

BlackWidow and GrandBanks have been double charging my deposit transactions. I'm about 85% certain of this - however, I cannot prove it because they refuse to give me my financial transaction and betting histories. Whenever I ask for them, they say "Sure!" - then they don't give me anything. It would be hilarious if it wasn't so frustrating.

Bryan, is it worth pitchin' a bitch about these two? Any chance they can be rogued straight away? :) - or does 'due process' have to be followed?

there was a player on here a couple of months ago, right after they were removed from the rogue list. They tried to steal his money because he withdrew straight after playing according to the t&cs and didn't continue on to lose all his money.

Still not rogued????
It took me months to get my money. First they gave me nothing, then they gave me my deposit and after months I received my money.

They always told me that I will get my money.

I have often used chat with support telling them what I think their bosses do.

My money came when I sent hourly emails to the manager, support and cashier (automated, of course).

I would NEVER put my money into these again, even if I get my money at the end it is not worth the trouble.
I havent had any problem with them.It is interesting to see people that havent been paid by them.I have to think about them again.

Go ahead and PAB.

I don't understand why it seems scandalous to give a casino group a second chance. If a "rogue" list or "not recommended" list is etched in stone - what good is it? :what: When I gave them a second chance, I expected complaints to start coming out of the woodwork because in the past, I refused to deal with them. I referred them to Playtech.

Now they are a member of the forum, and can (hopefully) jump in when needed to take care of whatever comes up. And again, I have direct contact with the operators. If you don't see the value of this, then so be it - that's your opinion.

If things still look screwy, I can always say the hell with it and toss them back in the rogue pit. But I'm sure in doing so will end whatever communication stream I currently have.
grandbanks avoid payment

They really should be ashamed.
I played there 6 weeks ago, getting the sign up bonus and ending with some nice 4,375 pounds.
Ever since the casino always gives me the run around, saying they will send the money right when they can but so far 6 weeks and no payments.
Anyone know what can I do? I think all players should be warned.
Matein2, you should get in your complaint with Playtech asap or else you might get in trouble with their evil deadline of accepting a dispute!

Go to on the right top of the website.
God bless the Meister!

After over two months of non-responsiveness to my emails in regards to the $500 I was owed - I posted this thread.

Today I check my NETeller and there is $540 from CentralDeposit (the financial services company GrandBanks/BlackWidow/SterlingHouse use I believe). I can't actually 100% confirm this is from GrandBanks as they still won't give me a reference number I can cross-check with NETeller, but as I wasn't expecting any other money from CentralDeposit, I'm fairly certain this is my missing money.

Coincidental timing? I think not. Bryan's point about not having them rogued is a solid one - however, they are still really shady, in my opinion.

casinomeister said:
I don't understand why it seems scandalous to give a casino group a second chance. If a "rogue" list or "not recommended" list is etched in stone - what good is it? :what:

If things still look screwy, I can always say the hell with it and toss them back in the rogue pit.

I agree. I am watching here for a while, and if they act decently, I will let them back in also.
filed a complain at

Thanks for the advice. I filed today a complain at
they have only 60 days period in which you have to make the complain.
Hope that will help.
So far the casino treats me like air, maybe playtech can put the pressure on it.
matein2 is not alone

Hi there,
And I thought I'm the only one mistreated by these casinos..
I won 2491 in Grandbanks a month ago.
So far no questions asked by the casino, no documents, nothing.
And the money? they keep saying it's on the way. A very long way...
Beware of these guys.
I finally got paid my $470 from Grand Banks. I requested the withdrawal on July 30, got paid on Sept 2. Same story as everybody else it took a lot of phone calls, webchats , and few unanswered emails.

A couple of weeks I filled a complaint with Playtech. A couple of days after I got paid I finally got a response from a Playtech marketing manager. I am honestly not sure if GB paid me before or after being contacted by Playtech.

So far my experience with Grand Banks is they pay after about a month, regardless of what it says on the website.

For the life of me I don't understand the purpose of paying so slowly beside pissing off customer who could be losing their money in Grand Banks casino, but at least they do eventually pay.

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