Grand Virtuals latest skin-ive seen it all now

Actually, it's kind of a neat idea, but it seems rather Spartan. It would be interesting to set up a Casinomeister "matchmaker" service here in fact. There are a lot of lonely players that just need that extra nudge to get "better acquainted".

Maybe I need to set up a special "Consenting Adults Only" private forum for dating purposes only. :D
Thanks for sharing I needed a good laugh....
Now in order to meet the right person you need to wager 25* your deposit on slots only.

Edit: How did you find this???
This has been around for years and years.

It's likely one of the first dating sites and it's free, just has some casino pops.

I guess it must work for them or they would have stopped it long ago.
^ yeah agreed - mind you with the relatively low cost of webspace and bandwidth these days most websites could probably run happily in perpetuity providing the webguys pay the annuals :D
seen it all now..

I just had to check out the affiliate link posted and low and behold..success stories..gotta love it..

I love this program! It only took me a few minutes to build my own casino. This is so incredibly easy, my grandmother could do it. In fact, I think she already did.
P.B. France

Thanks GV for the laughs...

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