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Aug 3, 2004
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I know this is kinda off topic, but does anyone know what casinos are licensed or operated by a group called "Grand Virtual"

I bought a large chunk (20k) into a taiwanese company gigamedia "GIGM" which recently bought over grand virtual. I just like to know who they deal with if anyone can provide that. Just wanna make sure im not investing in RTG or anything lol. Thanks guys.
Here's a start - there are plenty of others:

Casino Fantasy Grand Virtual Yes
Casino Glamour Grand Virtual Yes
Casino Lux Grand Virtual Yes
Casino Treasure Grand Virtual Yes
Imperial Casino Grand Virtual Yes
WagerCity Grand Virtual N/A

See also their informative site at, and search Casinomeister News where you will find a report on the Gigamedia takeover.
PS: They've been around for years, based in Canada and at the time of the takeover the Taiwanese said they have no plans to change the management and staffing.

Not a company that has really fired the imagination over the years, but equally I have seen few hassles with them.
No - US wagers are not allowed and their software detects if you are in the US / Use a US address. As such, many affiliates target the Europe / Asia markets with these casinos.


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