Grand Royal Casino - comments?


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Dec 9, 2004
When I searched the boards, there seem to be some pretty bad comments about this casino. However, nothing seems to have come up since they "changed management"... Is Grand Royal safe to play at now? If anyone who has played here recently could share their experiences that'd be great, especially regarding cashing out after claiming a signup bonus. Seems this was one of the problems in the past.
*went to check it out, page took ages to load on ADSL so left. Sorry. Not much help here*
I cannot tell about payout yet.

I played it recently, deposited 600$, received 300$ bonus and started to play Pontoon. You have to wager 22,500 to fulfill wagering requirements. I played 10$/hand.

Everything went fine with the usual Pontoon ups and downs and I had around 1500 and about 6000 left of my wagering requirements when all of a sudden I had a very bad streak. After wagering the remaining 6000 I had 210 left. I never had such a streak before and all I want to say is that it looked very fishy to me.

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