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Once again they are up to their misleading promos and emails!! Now they have the spin the wheel at CGB, if you do not have an email you are not able to enter they say......

well I just checked my email I used when I signed up at the casinos with, an low and behold look what I had..
From : Casino Grand Bay <>
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Sent : Thursday, February 2, 2006 6:02 PM
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Dear Christine,

Back by popular demand - It's Casino Grand Bay's fabulous Wheel of Fortune!

Are you feeling lucky today? With your free spin, you are guaranteed to win a bonus amount between...

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So guess what I am told when I enter the account # in the wheel, you are not able to spin at this time...

Get your shit together Grand Prive and stop misleading people, and if your going to make up some BS on why I cannot spin, be sure to cover your damn tracks and DON"T EMAIL ME!

The real reason I got the you do not qualify for this promo is because James went and took me off the mailing list that I have with my OTHER email and forgot this email addy was still out there!! And the reason I do not get promos or specials is because I stood up for players and mouthed off on how you treat them!!
I went to spin the wheel and got the message that my account was ineligible for it.
So after 3 emails I finally get the reason is because my cashout/bonus ratio is too high compared to my deposits, and as soon as the ratio is in line, I will again be eligible for promotions, hmm thought the bonus quota thing was just a rumor.
however on a happier note I do still qualify for VIP bonuses because I am a VIP :lolup:

So I guess I should have never cashed out and never accepted the promos they emailed to me, or the random bonuses they put in my accounts for the past 6 years,

I do have to point out that I didn't only deposit just for the promotions,alot of times I deposited 3 x a day daily in that 6 year period
Plus I deposited enough there to be one level below the highest ranking VIP level

I find it more than strange that those of us who have spoken out against them are the ones being denied the bonuses, even though the majority of us have been with them for a long time.

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