Grand Prive Customer Service is Non-Existant


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May 17, 2008
Last week I received an e-mail invite from these guys for there weekly promotions.

Granted.... I had been off there promo list for a while so I was happy to receive it and get a bonus on my purchase.

However, the casino software refused the promo code telling me to contact support. I forwarded my e-mail to them twice and got no response. I go to live chat and they say "your not on our promo list" HELLO............ I received a promo e-mail. Then they say" e-mail us the promo" Iam laughing at this point, but agree to send it again (after telling her I had already dent it twice)

I send it again......No response.................. So the next day, I sent it again..No response.. So the next day I send it again........... you guessed response.

So I have come to the conclusion that when they don't have an answer they just choose to ignore you. They could have answered, told me it was sent by mistake or some other BS story, or they could have been stand up reputable people and just credited my account.

But as you probably have gathered by now... I still have no response to my e-mails, no extra bonus credits or anything. So given this situation, I will ignore them and spend my money elsewhere . I think that was just a deceitful ploy to get me to make a deposit.

Iam holding my breath to see if tomorrow brings me another e-mail invitation to that weeks promo's won't that be a joke !!!!!


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Aug 14, 2004
hi Jackie,

I know what you mean and i feel sorry for you.
Read my 'voucher problem at grand bay'at this forum.
Kind of the same problem.
It feels you are just a number for them,also after many deposits.They also don't answer my emails 80% of the time.The most MG respond ALWAYS.
So you are just a number for them......
But keep on making deposits,never a problem there....:D


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Nov 18, 2006
Just wanted to chime in here. I've made a few other posts in other threads about how lousy their CS is. The absolute worst I've ever dealt with in my opinion. Non-responsive and if they do respond it's seldom they actually respond to the actual questions submitted to them. It also seems as if they make it a habit to send out emails with bonuses or surveys that were never meant for the customers they email them to.
Go figure!


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Dec 24, 2004
I feel sorry for you, too..... because, like so many others, I have been there.

I am almost a double Ace player at Grand Prive'. That means, they own one of my arms and both of my legs. I had some good runs there for a time....

Anyway, You can write, talk, call and they may listen, but they do not act upon their words. I don't think they understand English for the life of me.

For example, Ace players are to receive promotions on Monday for the entire week. I've yet to receive one I didn't have to beg VIP services for...... finally by midweek, they are then I am boiling mad. :mad::mad:

Sooo, as of today, I only have one of their casino's left on my computer and after I receive my Ace deposit bonus tomorrow (which is automated), I'm done with those folks. In fact, Microgaming has become so tight lately, I'm plum tard of it all anyway. :machinegu


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Jan 13, 2006

Once I reached KING loyalty level I never ever recieved ANY promotions from the casino. King level was suppose to get special offers and earn more loyalty points, bullS. Not me.

So I was down and out one day and asked for a bonus being as I have never received anything in 2 years.

They said "sorry". I deleted them and won't play anymore.

Guess they didn't care cause not one email from them.

They suck!

Have been playing inetbet and clubworld 99% of the time. Paid next day

Microgaming sucks
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Oct 14, 2004
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FWIW I have sent their support people a heads-up. Hopefully they'll step forward and deal with this.

Don't hold your breath. They have a policy of not dealing with forums, and this has been the case for as long as I can remember. They have been invited to have a rep here, and like Casino Rewards, they have declined.

This is such a common story, they advertise that certain loyalty levels entitle players to certain levels of loyalty offers, but this rarely happens. This is false advertising, especially in the case where a deposit is solicited on the back of an offer by Email, and this is denied only when the deposit has been made.

UIGEA seems to have made almost the entire industry think of turning to the "dark side", leaving little difference between the good and the bad operators.
If this keeps up for much longer, the industry will go into terminal decline as even the most hardened online gambler will finally say "enough of this", and find another way to get their fix, perhaps going back to what was on offer in the real world before the internet came along (for me, this would be fruit machines).

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