Grand Mondial payout Fiasco!


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Nov 28, 2005
Monterey California USA
I want to share with you all what I am currently going thru to see if any of you have a suggestion on what I should do next..

On July 16 I cashed out for $1900. I filled out the info for an ach request. While doing this I was presented with a disclosure that states something to the fact if the ach doesnt work out I understood that the check will be mailed to my current address. It said i had six hours to inform them of a new address should that be the case. Well as luck would have it I was moving that very weekend from my home. So I immediatly informed the casino of my new mailing address. Actually I was going to be moving out of state, and my boyfriends parents were going to allow me to get my mail at their address in the meantime. An few hours later i try to log in to the casino and my account is locked..hmmm. I call the casino and I am told that the reason it is locked is because the address I provided to them for my mail after this weekend has a registered user there. thus my acct was now locked due to multiple users etc..I explained to them the situation and they finally unlocked the acct after getting a letter from my boyfriends parents and some other documentation.
Monday July 21 my withdrawl is processed. I was told it should be in my acct within approx 5 business days..I am checking my acct waiting for the ach to hit and i become concerned so i call the casino and ask if by chance any problems etc..I was told that my payout wasnt sent via ach but by mail.I pitched a fit and after further investigation they confirmed ach..
a few days later still no payment posted so i check with the casino and the same exact thing happens..they said it was sent via mail etc..but after checking they confirmed ach..
Now a week has passed and on Monday I contact the casino again and I am told that it indeed was send via courier and I was told "get over what you have been told, I know for sure it was sent via courier" not only that it was sent to the OLD address where I had specifically told them it could not go.

I am now sitting here waiting two days because they cannot tell me what courier was used and they cannot tell me a tracking number either..i was told in about two days they should have this info for me..

I feel like I dont want to beleive anything that I am being told because of all the different stories I was told last week. I keep asking for a manager and I end up speaking to someone but I am not sure if it is a manager..

I am sooo upset and mad over all of this I am actually sick to my stomach. I cannot see how they could have messed up this bad..
Am i overreacting? I?
I know there has got to be something I can do ..any ideas?
thanks you guys,

GGW Laurie

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Jun 16, 2006
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have you contacted the rep on here or pmed maxd(pab)?...........i really hope you get your funds soon, its a pain to move and then have this on you to boot, max is good at these issues, so thats where i would start first i.m.o..............laurie

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