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Feb 24, 2006
Hi,so i need some opinions here.I don't think i am wrong but maybe some of the more seasoned vets out there can tell me.First here is the email i recieved on tuesday sept 19 th

Hi kassia,
Because you are one of Grand Monaco's most valued players, you are invited to participate in a special High Roller Lucky Lotto running this Wednesday and Thursday, September, 20th to September 21st.

The best part of this promotion is that you are guaranteed to get something for your participation.

Playing in the lotto is easy and there is nothing to claim

Simply purchase any amount this Wednesday and Thursday
We give you 1 High Roller Lucky Lotto Ticket for every $100 dollars purchased and wagered.
The draw On Friday, September 22nd, we randomly draw lotto balls from the official Grand Monaco lotto wheel and select a lotto winning ball for each ticket you earned.

Every player keeps their highest prize drawn.
You will get one of the following: $25, $50, $100, $250, $500, $1000
The Grand Monaco auditors perform the draw and distribute the prizes for players.
We notify you of the winnings on Friday via e-mail.
Please review the details of the invitation here. The more you purchase the greater your chances!

Have a Winning Day,

Grand Monaco Manger

Please note that All Promotional Terms and Conditions apply.
Any withdrawals made during the promotional period until the time the bonus is credited, will be deducted from the final bonus match comp

Okay so that is out of the way here is the story: I deposited monday night sept 18th and claimed no bonus just played my money.Played about three hours then cashed out 300$.Then i got this hi roller email on tuesday so on wed night i deposited 100$ for the lotto ball and waited till friday after playing it all and losing.Seeing i didn't get any thing i emailed support to find out why and they emailed me this;

Hi there Kassia,

Thank you for emailing Grand Monaco Casino.

We are sorry to announce but you do not qualify for the highroller bonus due to that you cashed-in some winnings in the promotional period which nulls and voids the offer.

However even though this has happend we will surely be sending out some new offers shortly so do keep a lookout for those offers.

We trust that we have been of assistance and would like to wish you all of the best with your future gaming.

Should you require any further assistance, feel free to contact Grand Monaco Support, as we are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for your convenience.

Kind regards,

GrandMonaco Support
Grand Monaco Casino

Cashed in some winnings?i cashed in monday and this promo was wed?Since the casino holds you withdraw request for 24 hours it was not lifted till wed morining at 12:30 am 30 minutes into wed.For this they say i do not qualify.Is it just me or does my monday withdraw have nothing to do with this promo.I am really upset and after 5 emails back and forth i figured i would post this and let everyone here decide who is right and if the NEW CASINO is just a scam like so many other new fly by night casinos.Thank you for reading i just really need some opinions.
No, you are right to be miffed.

Just like shark casino ... another case of a casino delaying payouts (for whatever reason) and then using this delay to 'punish' the player afterwards.
It seems at Grand Monaco they don't like people who cash out...:D I have made many deposits (around 500$), never been able to cash out due to my "bad luck", but at least they gave me the opportunity to receive a huge 25$ lotto ticket that I burnt in 2 seconds playing Thunderstruck ...of course:eek2:
Hi, thanks for the input with this subject.I really appreciate it, but as "siilix" pointed out even though the "lotto balls" are suppose to be so called random and you could win $1000 i would figure that after all this i would probably only get 25$ and i wouldn't want to bother Bryan with a "pab" for such a small amount.I also think if i did win my luck at cashing out maybe a whole different stress matter.I just really wanted to here input and let people know of these shady tactics used by this casino group as i was sure that i was sort of right being extremly pissed of at them.Thanks again guys for the help and suggestions.
Kassip, why dont you let the Meister judge if it is worthy or not to pursue? The only way we are going to be able to keep shady operations in check is if we act collectivley and hold responsible those who take advantage of players. In numbers we have clout!
You've seen that Casino reps monitor these pages. They know when we are happy, or mad. Some react, some could care less. But, we have lots of readers. If a player has been wronged and I read it has been dealt with, or, a Casino shows moxy by admitting a mistake had been made, I give a silent cheer. By reporting to Bryan you may prevent some newbie from getting screwed by this outfit down the road. You will be doing a great service to your fellow forum members and future gamblers!
GO FOR IT !! TAWANDA!!!!! (band plays glory halleighluya now..):)
Hi everyone

We apologize for the late responses, but please be aware that we are working on the issue right now and will respond in due course and rectify anything that needs sorting out - but please give us a chance to make an effort to make good :)

Just for your info - behind the operation are people that have been involved in the gambling industry since 1994, have worked with Steve Wynn, MGM, Harrah's and online we have executives that have built many successful microgaming casinos - The Fortune Group, Golden Riviera and Belle Rock. We are taking all those years in those casionos and applying the best we can to all our players - we are here to stay and will make every effort to ensure player happiness...

Also I met with the Meister in Vegas last week - we go back a long way and he will vouch for us - of course we do have to make sure that all players are happy too...

Looking forward to making as many players winners as possible, and as happy as we can too - will reply here shortly...
Kassip, why dont you let the Meister judge if it is worthy or not to pursue? ... By reporting to Bryan you may prevent some newbie from getting screwed by this outfit down the road....
It's also important to keep tabs on these things if a casino is wanting to come on board at Casinomeister. Like Jon-Jon mentioned, this casino has some very good backing, and I've known some of these people for quite some time (in cyber-years). I'm confident that this will be taken care of pretty quick-like. On the surface, it seems like some wires were crossed.
I think Jon-Jon will ensure this gets taken care of - he can be trusted to ensure things are right, but support does need a swift kick in the butt for this mess-up.
support got the kick up the butt - ahem, my foot still hurts :eek: and this has been resolved happily :)

It was an isolated issue that was caused by a query that did not execute the way it should have and the error has been sorted for the future.

If there are issues we will sort - nothing too hectic for us to handle :thumbsup:

Thanks Jon-Jon for the help.This issue was takin care of in a very agreeable way on the casino's and my part.However since then i have closed my account due to problems again with the c.s side and bonus issues.Although small in dollar amount i have just had to many headaches in such a short time to bother with this casino any more.I would like to add however that one of your managers Marlise i believe IS doing an outstanding job for you guys.Good luck in the future i have just decided to play my money where i know it is secure if i ever do win :).

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