Grand Luxe Casino, a good read for us american players


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Aug 16, 2009
So I had a nice little chat with Grand Luxe's representative who was soo willing to give me a bonus.
Here's the chat I had with them. Funny after how after I mention that they had Mastercard and American Express listed as deposit options. He was quick to ignore the rest of my chat conversation.

Sean 22:34:24
hey there xxxx, would you like to hear about the special bonus offers I have available for new players today?
cheetahwind 22:35:33
Well actually I was just more curious, what are you withdawal methods, and whats the minimums and what are the fees?
Sean 22:35:50
no problem
Sean 22:36:00
we pay winnings with a direct wire transfer
Sean 22:36:02
to your bank
Sean 22:36:12
and the min. withdrawal is 100
Sean 22:36:21
and there is a $50 fee for the wire
cheetahwind 22:36:31
and whats the average turn around time?
Sean 22:38:11
the first time takes up to 18 business days but after that it is possible to withdraw weekly
cheetahwind 22:38:44
ok, and I see your vanilla visa, but according to the cards I have bought lately. It says there not good out of the US, do you guys have a way around that to take a Vanilla Visa?
Sean 22:39:21
if it is open for international use it might go through you are welcome to try
cheetahwind 22:40:14
well I have a green do that works internationally, just last I knew Vanilla Visa has said they aren't allowing transactions outside of the USA any longer. So unless if you have US based processor just for Vanilla Visa, you might want to have that
cheetahwind 22:40:17
removed from your web site
Sean 22:40:43
nope sorry don't have that it has to be international sorry
cheetahwind 22:41:36
and whats the welcome bonus?
Sean 22:42:10
you play slots only?
cheetahwind 22:42:43
I am a slots player usually yes, I can't stand online blackjack since the deck shuffles all of the time
Sean 22:43:13
ok great our best deals are for slots
Sean 22:43:23
I can offer $100 free for $25 or $400 free for $100
cheetahwind 22:43:49
and if I deposit $100, I would be subject to a $1,000 max cashout rule right?
Sean 22:45:46
cheetahwind 22:46:07
ok, and I see you guys take Mastercard and American Express is this correct?
Sean 22:47:14
sorry we recommend visa
Sean 22:47:32
mc and am ex don't work from the states anymore usually
cheetahwind 22:48:08
ok, well considering all I have is an American Express card and Vanilla Visa doesn't work outside of the US. I guess I'll have to take my money elsewhere thank you for your time tho
Support 22:48:09
Thanks for contacting us! A support rep will be with you shortly.

Like I summarized elsewhere, plus there bonuse are non-cashable. So all I gotta say is yek. Like I said the near of my conversation, I think I'm better off taking my money elsewhere.

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