Grand Hotel Casino


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Feb 2, 2006
I hate beating the skeleton of a dead horse but I was whoring around the internet yesterday and see that Grand Hotel (MG) still takes 900 pay as a deposit method.

I tried it and it worked out, although I did have to email support to get the credit to my account. 900 pay has changed just a bit, the phone limit per month is $50 then you can open up the wallet express or whatever they're calling the scam now with a $50 deposit from your checking account, but after that you can fund your wallet with 900 pay.

Don't ask why they make you leap through hoops because I don't know, I suspect it's because in the past some frugal gamblers have refused to pay the 900 number charges, after they lost of course, to the phone company so 900 pay never got the $$.. sounds like a pretty good idea. With your checking account number they can just jerk it out of there.


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Jan 18, 2007
There are a hundred and one million ways to access your checking account. Problem is how do you stop it later without a big hassle.
Best bet, don't.