Grand Eagle paid me?? OMG


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So, grand Eegle just paid me 400 bucks off a no deposit bonus after approving my documents. I got charged about 60 bucks in fees because I chose bank wire, but they paid me, just like treasure mile did when I got a no deposit code from them a while back. I had recently had some serious problems with luckycreek which a sister site, but I guess each site has it's own underlying people helping out because grand Eagle took care of me. It might be because I had previously deposited and lost over 1k on there and never deposited anything on luckycreek which would not pay me. However, i am happy with Grand Eagle at the moment. Next time I will try and depsoit and see how I like it, although the games are a little boring, it is nice to switch it up a bit and get away from RTG and microgaming sometimes. Took me about 5 days to get paid but next time I will cashout to usemywallet if I win.



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I used to cash out with these casinos with a wire as well....and yeah, the fees are high.

But lately I have been cashing out to use my wallet instead and not a penny charge there, so this is definately the way to go.


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Have never played or cashed-out here but...

shouldn't the charges for a wiretransfer be posted upfront? Better yet, why didn't you ask what the charges would be? If you had a Quicktender account, their wiretransfers are always faster then any of the casinos.


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I bought in again shortly after the money came through and cashed out 300.00 to usemywallet and was paid a lot faster. I originally couldn't cash out to usemywallet because quiktender blocked my account and wanted my documents sent to them. After I finally got things straightened out with quicktender it was laready a week later. I also got charged an additional 15.00 dollars from my bank listed as an offshore wire transfer fee. So I ended up loosing about 80.00 bucks on a 400.00 withdrawal. But using my quiktender a few weeks back gave me 100% of my bonus. It still took about 4 days to get paid but it was faster than a wire transfer.


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That's why I find it hardly worth cashing out anything much less than a grand with everything we go thru to get it in our hot little hands. (of course I'm just talking about our neck of the woods) :)

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