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Apr 6, 2001
Has anyone had experience with the Grand Casino Venice. I had an unbelievable string of luck winning $100k over 3 days but have yet received any of my winnings. Any info would be appreciated.
Good grief! They a new casino in a reputable group, but with a win of that size they will have to do some extra auditing, so I'm not surprised that you're wondering. Might be worth delivering your identification docs in person for that! Offer to do so.
I'll say! Looks like a serious operation with Microgaming software and E-Cash Processing Services but even their eyes will water a little with a win this big. Well done!
Thanks for the info - I guess I feel a little better. As a very casual gambler who has never won anything over $400, I'm still in shock. I do hope they come through.
Whoa! That is a first BIG win of note!

Enjoy it - but as Mary advises I would offer to present my ID in person - in any case with a win like this they should probably give you a free air ticket to exploit the publicity. What were you playing?
Started with Keno, hit 11 numbers for 3K. Went to Joker Poker, played max bet of $25 (never done that b4!) and hit a Royal for 25K. Scared me...
Next night, played Winning Wizards and hit 5 wizards for 50k. Next night hit 5 wands for 25K on winning wizards again.
Bloody hell - with luck like that you should be charging people just to stand next to you! Brilliant!
Yea, but I wouldn't stand too close - blew 30K while drinking margaritas with mama to celebrate and waiting for them to respond on how to distribute funds. Still have 70K waiting to be distributed though - not a bad paycheck for 3 days work. Still have concerns on whether I will ever see it though - they have kind of clammed up on me and not responding to my emails. Oh well, fun while it lasted......
Update: They came through with the first cashin I requested after the first jackpot!


Party time.........

Be very, very careful. They want you to come back and lose this money (and more). It has happened to many players. They get on a winning streak and think it will last and then . . . it goes bad. Gambler starts to chase his losses and next thing he knows he's lost the big win and starts to chase it with his own money.

Do not fall into this trap. Cashout, don't play, email them, call them, email them again, call them again. But do not play. Giving back 30K was not wise, I know you are still ahead, but you have all the symptoms of the person I've described above. Stop now, I'd hate to see you lose this money back.
Thanks for the advice and sincerely well taken. Fortunately I already had the same thoughts and cashed out over 70K - just today I received the balance of what they owed me - not as quick as I would have liked, but it was deposited in my account.

Again, thanks for the concern - it is much appreciated.
And by the way, the funds are going to a good cause - after a splurge on a motorcycle, the rest (after taxes of course) goes to the kids college fund.

Good for you. Sorry if I was abrupt, but I've spent a lot of time in casinos and around gamblers. It can be so easy to lose back money after you've had a nice run. You get that "I can't lose feeling."

Glad you got the money, and I have to say, that was one hell of a run. Really a once in a lifetime type of thing, so good for you.


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