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Jul 18, 2005
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Hi all,
I signed up at grand bay poker a while ago. When I asked them to credit my signup bonus I just received an email stating that my account is locked and that I should send in documents. I asked them if it was OK to send a bank statement instead of a utility bill, but they never answered to that email.

So, I sent in my docs. after about a week had passed, I asked them how long the process should take. No reply. I sent a few more emails, one of them actually got a response (yay!). They said they had forwarded my docs to the relevant department and that they would advice as soon as possible.

After 1 month I tried sending an angry but polite email to cashier@grandbaypoker instead of support@grandbaypoker. I got a reply to that pretty quick and the guy said that he had found my documents(!), and would open a new account on his side (for reasons he did not elaborate upon) and that he would give me a call. However, they never called me, and when I asked about what was going on I was again met with silence. The situation it really starting to get frustrating.

So, now over 2 months have passed, and my account is still locked. I could not find any representative for this poker room on the casino contacts, so I Im not sure what I should do. If anyone has a contact Id be very grateful if you could point me in the right direction.

And of course I advise anyone that doesnt have an unlimited supply of patience to NOT play at this poker room.
The site I work for has been getting many reports from players of issues from receiving bonuses, refer a friends and a few with cashout issues. Most of the time I can get the bonuses issued but there are a couple of players with locked money and no response from support. There are a few long threads at other forums about this. I am working hard on getting a higher up's email at Grand Prive to try and get this resolved. They have a great 3.33x bonus but the issues everyone seems to be having does not make that worth it.

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