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Dormant account
Oct 9, 2001
I withdrew $200 from my Grand Banks casino account on January 18th. 10 weeks have passed now and still no sign of my money (I am waiting for a PayPal payment). This is really ridicolous. I wrote the casino 1 months ago to get a status of my withdrawal. I was told that 'because of the banking rules of your country (Denmark of course), you will have to wait at least another month.

Of course nothing has happened yet. What should I do - any suggestions?
Hey Henrik,

Send me a copy of the email stating the "banking rules" clause.


LOL - and how exactly can the banking rules of Denmark (which they most likely knows shit about) affect a payment to Paypal. Last time I checked Paypal was a US-company.
The first email from GB:

Thank you for your patronage. Please be assured that you will receive your payout. However, due to the banking laws in certain countries we have been forced to investigate every withdrawal request more thoroughly. Therefore we have included additional security measures for reviewing these cases, which delays the processing time. We apologize for the delay and we will do our best to process your request a soon as possible.

One month later I wrote them again and got this answer:

All withdrawals in excess of the initial deposits (winnings) from accounts from your country have been delayed due to a an ongoing investigation of all transactions from these accounts. There have been several accounts that have abused the banking laws in your country to their favor (incurring extra costs for Grand Banks) and as such we cannot process withdrawal requests at the speed that we would like. This investigating takes time and money from our resources and we would prefer not to be in this situation. The best we can do is move your account to the top of our investigation list and try to have your withdrawal approved in the next 30 days.

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