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Grand Banks Casino.....

Discussion in 'Online Casinos' started by lefemme2, Jan 22, 2004.

  1. lefemme2

    lefemme2 Dormant account

    Well through another gambling portal I decided to download the Grand Banks Casino and see what it was all about. Still waiting for the free $50.00 no deposit bonus when I decided to check out Herr Casinomeister...looking for it under the reputable casinos..then I chanced to look under the unreputable casinos....I'll play off the $50.00 no deposit bonus if its there then Ill uninstall the casino and send them an email...lol
    I simply dont play at casinos that are not rated reputable by either gonegambling or casinomeister....too bad for them...
    TY Brian...SWAK!
    Psst...don't tell your wife LOL
  2. lanidar

    lanidar Dormant account

    No Deposit Bonus o_O

    You sure its a No Deposit Bonus :confused:

    Can you please copy/paste this promo in the forum for us?

    I'd really love to sse this :rolleyes: ...seems like another CON JOB by the Black Widow, Grand Banks liars!
  3. lefemme2

    lefemme2 Dormant account

    G.b. Casino

    :p Too bad they didn't get my money thanks to that constant doo gooder, Casinomeister...(Yankee in Krautland, not Dudley Do Right) LOL...actually the casino promo 'rules' took a few to understand due to thier complexity and the promo has just ended... anyone who frequents oysterboard which is under ezboard or several other portals would have found the promo and it was listed at the Casino G.B. for several days as well..
    Whatever the B.S. they can keep it.. like I said with their track record I would'nt trust them with dooky.
  4. lefemme2

    lefemme2 Dormant account

    My computer skills stink LOL

    You must register/login in order to see the link. should take you to the page to try to understand the terms and conditions....
    before you read it drink beer..plenty of beer ..maybe it will make more sense :lolup:
  5. love2vegas

    love2vegas Dormant account

    Well, Lanidar- You were so skeptical, yet here it is. For new players only, by invitation only. But they will put that $50 right into your account. Then, you have to wager it at least 35X. Not that bad, since you don't have to use any of your own money, but still a lot of wagering with only $50! Next, you can only cash out a maximum of $50! So, if you hit the big one, you cash out a big $50! Then to top it off, knowing how slow GRAND BANKS is on actually paying winnings, can you imagine how long it would take them to actually pay up FREE MONEY WON????????????????? Yeah, right.
  6. lanidar

    lanidar Dormant account

    Grand Banks, Black Widow and every casino associated with them SUCKS.
    Even the free money is limited to a $50 TOP WITHDRAWAL...BULLS**T!!!
    Then..TRY to get your money even if you meet the 35X wager requirements.
    And IMHO 35 times is DAMN ridiculous.
    PLUS you need a personal invite for them to STEAL your money?

    I PHUCKIN' HATE THESE PEOPLE!!! :machinegu
  7. love2vegas

    love2vegas Dormant account


    I wish you wouldn't hold back on your feelings like that!
  8. lanidar

    lanidar Dormant account

  9. digger

    digger Dormant account

    You guys are classic. You never fail to amuse me.

    Imagine the audacity of a casino to offer players a $50 free bonus. Then, to allow them to only withdraw up to $50 of that??!! Winnings off of a free bonus? I'm glad you caught wind of this scandalous offer, and warned everyone out there before they were screwed.

    As to the complexity of the terms? I did not find them too difficult. But regardless, is it any wonder why casinos must write their bonus terms very strictly? Look at "lefemme2"'s post - he/she's going to go to a casino that Mr. Bailey warned all his players against approaching, just so he/she can play a $50 free bonus, and hopefully win and take 'em for all it's worth. Players like lefemme2, Lanidar, et al. will look for any loophole in bonus terms, take advantage of a promotion that was meant to be fun, and then s%*t on the casino because they aren't getting paid fast enough.

    You must register/login in order to see the link.

    Here's a site I was on that discussed the offer, by people that actually took part in the promotion, rather than individuals complaining that if they were to hit a huge jackpot, they considered it almost illegal for the casino to not grant them their full account balance. Especially when it was stated as clear as day in the bonus terms that there would be a $50 cap.

    I'm sure the purpose of this offer was to expose the casino to some new players, by allowing them to try the software. The purpose was not to make you guys money. You represent such a small percentage of the online gaming population, yet you're the only ones that post on this site.

    Mr. Bailey, are these really the players that you are championing? Are they really being frauded by the casinos, or is it the other way around? Maybe more great bonuses would come our way if the risk to the casinos were not so great.

    Concerned player.
  10. lanidar

    lanidar Dormant account

    You must register/login in order to see the link.

    A promotion that was meant to be fun?
    The promotion was placed to be gambled. And thats what we do..we gamble.
    The promotion was placed as an inticement to sign up to that particular site.
    The promotion is used as leverage against losses.
    All the casinos...and I mean all the casinos are rigged in their own favor.
    I don't care what software is used.

    We have to look for loopholes in bonus terms or the casino will just stick it right up your behind.
    The casinos have slipped in T&C's that you need a law degree to understand.
    The wager requirements have gone from 5X to up to 30X in some cases.
    The "Bonus Hunting"... "Advantage Player"..etc. has gotten out of hand. It seems that quite a few casinos have jumped on that bandwagon. The wording may be different from one to another, but they sneak it in there somewhere.
    Great caution is needed before anyone signs up anywhere nowadays.

    I made a mistake by going to Black Widow, Grand Banks ETC...ETC. I have admitted that over and over again. It took months to get paid and I will NEVER go there again. And in some cases I will NOT be paid. Not even my deposit back.

    What I am trying to do is have OTHERS AVOID getting in the same position that I was once in.

    I believe I am doing a VERY good thing by WARNING others before they get roped in!
  11. love2vegas

    love2vegas Dormant account


    I think most people who read your post know from what angle you're coming from. Here is part of your brilliant synopsis:

    I'm sure the purpose of this offer was to expose the casino to some new players, by allowing them to try the software. The purpose was not to make you guys money. You represent such a small percentage of the online gaming population, yet you're the only ones that post on this site.

    And HOW would YOU be so sure that this was the casino's purpose????? I would much rather believe that the casinos purpose was to get people playing at their casino with the purpose of making money, especially off new sucker...eh, players, who don't realize that you need to read the terms of bonuses and that it is preferred to have at least a master's degree many times to know & understand all the tricks. True, this offer states that the maximum payout is $50, but I have been on many sites where players- ESPECIALLY NEW PLAYERS- didn't know about all the terms- won big & got- almost nothing. Well, buyer beware.

    You represent such a small percentage of the online gaming population, yet you're the only ones that post on this site

    Oh, and what do you represent?? :lolup:

    As far as this group of casinos goes- I have played there & had the wonderful experience of not getting paid for weeks & then only after constant complaints to the dis-service reps & management.

    So, as far as your question to Mr. Bailey, about wanting players who warn others about the problems, tricks, and outright dishonesty of some casinos & casino operators- HELL YES!

    What we don't need is a bunch of spineless casino apologists that believe that anything a casino does to screw players is alright. OR a bunch of people who think that just because they haven't been screwed by a particular casino, yet- that the casino is alright. (Does this sound like anyone you know- DIGGER?)

    Perhaps then, the casinos who do offer good and fair promotions would thrive and we would all get better promotions.
  12. lanidar

    lanidar Dormant account


    Very Well Said!!! :thumbsup:
  13. love2vegas

    love2vegas Dormant account

    Thanks, Lanidar. Truly meant! Keep helping people be informed, even if "digger" people are out there! :p
  14. vgyhnji

    vgyhnji Experienced Member

    Just here lurkin around, tryin to make a few bucks!

    Hi lanidar, hi love2, hi lefemme

    You guys are top dollar - spot on.

    Grand Banks are a complete bunch of "$%%^^&&**(!! and worse.

    I still have not been paid a measly sum from September last year.

    Well done the Meister for putting them where they belong - its just a pity people like digger appear to be sucked in by certain casinos' crap. I just hope any who do, learn very fast by their mistakes.

    Whilst its up here lets just highlight these particular scum in case anyone still does not realise the connection GRAND BANKS, BLACK WIDOW & STERLING HOUSE are all one and the same. STAY AWAY - don't give them any business and they will hopefully dissappear.

    Best of luck to all - (especially bonus hunters).

  15. lefemme2

    lefemme2 Dormant account

    Re: Grand Banks Promo

    :lolup: WELL SAID, LANIDAR , love2vegas and vgyhdji.. better safe than sorry! :lolup:
    also Thank You Brian! :thumbsup:
    Last edited: Feb 2, 2004
  16. lefemme2

    lefemme2 Dormant account

    Grand Banks Casino..

    Gee Digger, which Casino organisation do you work for? :axeman: player (I'm 100% female by the way)...I had not had my morning coffee...and have made it perfectly clear I trust John Abbott of GG and Brian Bailey of Casinomeister..if they say a casino or its parent company is a ripoff I beleive them.
    I don't want to throw good money after bad. If I can win a few bucks you bet it will perk my interest.
    I emailed Grand Banks so I guess you work for them? Hmmmm. :axeman2:
    Where is the Casinomeister?? :sniper:

    Brian sez Casino Grand Banks stinks, then it stinks.
    By the way I finally got the $50.00 email after I uninstalled the software several days later so I didn't even bother to go back and play. Casino's are in the business to make money and by the same co incidence so am I..I'd also like to keep it from ripoffs lol
    Last edited: Feb 2, 2004
  17. lefemme2

    lefemme2 Dormant account

    Awww you know....

    :rolleyes: o_O I checked out the site digger mentioned and it only takes your email address????????? whatever that's about.....weird. There was no discussion or anything...weird....

    Probably another ripoff casino rep trying to :xxx us players LOL

  18. Casinomeister

    Casinomeister Forum Cheermeister Staff Member

    I'm not championing anyone. I merely try to assist players when they have difficulties with online casinos. I also assist operators when they are having difficulties with players. It's a two way street and a double edged sword.

    Lest we forget, this group of casinos were once "Casinomeister Casinos" until last year when they stepped on their crank concerning a bonus problem. It was intensified last Spring when one of the operators stated that they condoned delaying payments for bonus users - which conflicts with their posted policies.

    I think that if you visit any message board, there will be a unanimous agreement that this group of casinos will pay, but it just takes a while.

    I felt it was important to explain why.
  19. love2vegas

    love2vegas Dormant account

    Vgyhnji- Thanks for the support! I checked out the site Digger mentioned, too, and it appeared to be some sort of casino-run message board- notice how everything there was favorable to Grand Banks?

    Lefemme2- I use this site and others to help decide if I want to play at a particular casino, too. One thing you notice- the silence from "digger" is
  20. lefemme2

    lefemme2 Dormant account

    Yup, and i think THAT sez it all!! LOL Lefemme2

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