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Jun 21, 2003
okay does anybody know if this casino is to be trusted cos i won some money last week and they are taking forever to send me the bank draft. i've been in contact with their accounts department and they said they are back logged and that they will process my request on a first come first serve or some crap like that and that..basically when they get to me..but I dunno I have a feeling they arent gonna send me my winnings...
Was this cashin for a first time deposit, or have you made a few deposits there using a bonus? This makes a big difference.

If you haven't done so already, fill out the "Pitch a Bitch" form and I'll be getting on this next week.
FYI, it took a month to get mine from their sister casino, black widow. And that was after some intervention by Bryan. They gave me the same excuse as they did to you, and others here have had the same issues.
I played at Grand Banks a fair bit at the end of last year and the begining of this one. They are slow to pay! Any cashouts from this group have taken me between a month and six weeks. They paid me everytime but never quickly. If the only excuse you are getting is that you are in the queue I think you are OK. If prompt payment is important to you I suggest you skip Grand Banks until you hear that their payment turnaround has improved. If you can wait a few weeks then they are probably fine.

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It's incredible that this industry has become so bad that one month to six weeks delays on legit cashouts are now apparently regarded as acceptable.

This sort of delay is not acceptable and these casinos know it.

Our Casinomeister had an interesting discussion in Montreal last week with the BW owner and will be sharing that with you in due course. It will make for interesting reading, I'm sure!
OH MY GOD! Bryan, I hope you made up or dreamt that whole scenario with that scumbag that owns BW & I assume GB Casino as well. That is simply unbelievable that he would have the balls to actually say that they are screwing around with payments to anyone who uses a bonus. The arrogance of this guy is nearly beyond belief!

I can guarantee them this, I am a loyal Casinomeister member and will be removing their software from my computer WITH EXTREME PREJUDICE as soon as I get home and I urge everyone else to do the same thing. I won't go back unless they clean up their act (not likely!).

I wanted to also say THANK YOU to Bryan for having the integrity and morality to say no to this clown's offer of megabucks to promote them. You are probably the most honorable person in this business and all of us players owe you a debt of gratitude for watching out for OUR best interest.

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I think that the Casinomeister has by his actions proved on any number of occasions that he's not for sale and will always tell it like it is. He has come under attack from certain operators, the GPWA and others for doing this, but on the positive side he has deservedly earned credibility from the players (and others in the industry)

As for Mr. Woods...well, his rather silly approach to the Casinomeister has shown him and his casinos up for what they are, and it is not a very flattering picture.
Hi Bryan and all...I just read the situation which took place between Bryan and the moron from Black Widow. I cannot believe that Mr. Woods thought Byan could be bought. I have said it many times on this forum that Bryan Bailey is a man of integrity and honesty. As for everyone who is continuing to gamble at Black Widow, I would hope that you give some serious thought as to what this casino is all about and what little if any regard they have for thier players.

Many casinos are popping up all over the internet and they have one intention and one only...that is to rip off the players. It is obvious that the industry is getting extremely bad. However, who should we blame? The cainos or ourselves?
It is our patronage of Rogue Casinos that give these crooked bastards the confidence to continue their deceitful behavior. If you are a member of Casinomeister, and do not adhere to the warnings of these scam casinos, and continuing playing at these sites, why are you so shocked when you are ripped off? I think we owe it to Bryan and all of our online gambling friends, to clearly warn them of thieving sites such as Black Widow.

I am not the sharpest knife in the drawer, but I do know that if we want this industry to be honest, then we MUST STOP PLAYING at rogue casinos.

You have brought up some really good points IMO, however like most things, most people don't care unless it's them who are out of pocket or lost in some way.

Bit like saying " Speed Kills " ( as in driving ) everyone know that it does, but who listens!

It's also like the Virtual Casino Group, I see it every day, people say " I would never deposit there, no way! " But these same people are using their ( Virtual Casino Group ) Freebie Coupons.

Somehow they just don't understand that doing this, they are keeping these rogue casino's in business.

If people veto a casino because it has a bad reputation, the casino will either go down the tubes or fix its act up.

At the end of the day, if nothing changes - nothing changes!
Well said, Linda 7!

And it needs repeating every now and again when folks pop up advocating a visit to these bummer venues.
A point of order.

The unloyal Meister players that click through to play at B Widows are likely to be after a bonus.Very unlikely they are the type that are looking for 1 or 2 premier casino's to play at and actually gamble with without a bonus.

They are lieing or lieing.

Either Bryans Rougeing of them has cost them or they actually do make money from bonus hunters.

Also,this slow pay 2nd,3rd or 4th deposit thing flies in the face of common sense.

What bonus hunters deposit 2,3 or 4 times further?

Are they talking about messing people about across their group of casino's?

What are they saying?Clarification please admin.}}
What Brian Woods mentioned was that the first time players are paid right away. If they come back and use a bonus, the payment is delayed some. If they return to the casino, and use some other promotion, the next payment is delayed even further, etc., ad nauseum.

Now if only they included this in their terms and conditions...that's what I would like to see.
Bryan, when did you stop recommending Grand Banks? I only played this group when they used RTG software. I remember one weekend when GB had two Video Poker tournaments and I won both for a $500 prize on each! I always had a lot of luck there but even when they started, it took ages for them to pay most people. I don't think there were more problems than that before they changed software but you know what happened then.

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This group offers (offered?) twice weekly bonuses that were usually pretty good. So a bonus hunter would indeed deposit many times. I myself did so many times at GB before being told I was no longer eligible for bonuses. I agree that the slow pay for repeated deposits makes no sense, casual gamblers will just move on as has been made very clear in this post and others. A hard core bonus-hunter will just consider the long wait as the cost of doing business. These casinos seem to come up with policies that do nothing more than chase away good customers and leave an environment that is tolerated only by bonus-hunters. Where are the good customers chased away too? Casino on net would be my guess.


I never said that the six weeks was acceptable. I was willing to put up with that crap in order to collect some good bonuses. And if I was welcomed back I would do it again. I stated above that if prompt payouts are important you should skip this group. With Bryan's new revelation perhaps I should add to that. If integrity is important you should skip this group.

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Hi Sirius,

I stopped recommending GB this past November, this was about the time when all of the complaints began to pile up around BW. I never rogued GB (man, I like that verb) since I tried to differentiate them from BW. But it looks as though they are all slipping into the same pot of rogueness.

BTW, I still have an active account at GB. Guess I should close it now :D
Hi Amandajm,

Hip_hop is right. This group is constantly offering bonuses almost every day. Whether its their 'deposit each day friday - sunday and get xx%' or the poker runs, or other promotions, there's always something going on that would include a bonus and therefore delay your payouts longer & longer.

I personally hadn't played there since before they switched to playtech. Then after much thought, I decided to do a test run there and see how they are doing. They gave me a new s/w bonus which I wagered & lost, then I got a poker run bonus which I wagered & lost, then there was some weekend promo that I took them up on and made a nice chunk of change (more than what I'd lost over the last 2 or 3 days). It took them more than a month to get that cashin sent to neteller. So even if you DON'T win playing a bonus, they are going to screw you on withdrawls and make you wait forever when you finally do make a withdrawl.

I've followed through on my promise and deleted their s/w from my computer last nite. At least I came out ahead!
ya know I foun yer site after I started playing on GB..and the thing that made me want to play on GB is that all the freaking slots on the microgamming plain out suck..they are boring and to play the bonus games is too expensive. GB had a lot of games to chose from and they arent exciting either but they were different and I didnt really expect to win big like I did and now that I have and with yer story and everything I dont really count on getting my money...but I guess I'll see in 6 weeks.
I agree Athena, Microgaming is just too tight, and too expensive. It,s all I used to play, but I can,t afford them anymore.
So from what i read i can take it the spirit intended when this firm offer a bonus is not to encourage player loyalty at all?
Pretty much they don't want you if you take a bonus from them.

Athena, since you like the playtech s/w I'd suggest you join casinos like Club Dice/Carnival, Kiwi, SunnyGroup (Casino Fortune, Mapau, Miami Beach, GoldGate). They give bonuses AND pay out promptly. Sunny is pretty much the fastest of the group (2 days), followed by Club Dice/Carnival (4 days) and Kiwi (5-6 days). Those figures are all for neteller withdrawls,btw

I played SEPT 5th and was paid Oct 18th :proud:

They told me that they had a problem depositing funds back to Neteller. :confused:

They also told me to get a pre-paid ATM and they would be able to return my funds in that fashion faster. :crazy:

These people also state that there is a hugh backlog of withdrawals and i had to "WAIT MY TURN"!! :wtf:

I just tend to beleive that they want to hold the players money as long as possible for their own benefit. :mad:

If you haunt them enough you WILL eventually be paid!! :proud:

Lanidar, I've been watching your many informatives here and on WOL regarding online casinos.

May I make a friendly suggestion? If you check out the archives here and elsewhere you will find much of this information available without even having to subject yourself to the risk of gambling at places where others have been burned?

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