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Mar 30, 2005

First i must say that my English is not very good but i think you understand me.
You promote the Grand Aces Casino and i ask me why.
Yesterday i make a Deposit with Moneybookers. The Money was not instant in my Casinoaccount and so i ask at the Live Chat why not. I can see in my Moneybookersaccount that this Guys have my Money. The Live Chat let me know that i must wait 24 Hours before my Casinoaccount is credited.
I must wait 24 Hours for a Moneybookers Deposit ???
What is that for a Casino ???
That is a grrreat Joke !!!
I trust the Casinomeister but never more RTG :D

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Hello Ulrich

I agree with you regarding the instant funding of the account.The Call Centre should be aware that this is an Instant Deposit method.

I will be investigating as to who you spoke with to ensure that this does not happen again.

With regards to why i promote them,well they are good Casinos with a lot of players and the Call Centre and Live Chat operators generally do a very good job.That is why the Meister has them on his board.

In addition this whole RTG ,MGS ,Playtech Crypto thing is becoming very boring. You can not tar a whole bunch of Casinos on the same software platform with the same stick. They are operated by individual operators and just as with a land based Casino they have their rules and regulations.

I can tell you in confidence that there are bad elements on every single software platform.All you need to do is find the right place for yourself.

I do understand that if we do not fit your ideals of a Casino ,we do try to provide a good gaming atmosphere.I will in any event wish you the best of luck in your future gaming.

Best Regards

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