Gran Casino / Gaming Alliance ?


Paleo Meister (means really, really old)
May 29, 2004
Any of you gurus have any info about Gran Casino Online or Gaming Alliance x ?

I'd not heard of it...are we talking software skins, or legit ops here?

Many thanks

spearmaster said:
Grand Virtual, one of the oldest softwares online. Mostly skinned casinos.

SO no way of knowing much about the operators. Guess you wouldn't recommend them Spear? What about Gaming Alliance's involvement?


As I recall, Gaming Alliance is their own watchdog. And no, I definitely don't do anything with them, though I have not heard of any problems with the software - just that I didn't like it.
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I think it's a little bit strange that this graphic has been one for pretty long as I recall it. How come exactly $44 million is won month after month, not more not less??

Just wondering...

Doesn't anybody has more info about these skins?

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