Grail Maiden


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So while I was at my local land based casino for my birthday over the weekend of the 1st. I noticed apparently Aristocrat has a game that I thought was a Vegas Tech or WGS game. Called Grail Maiden.

It played exactly alike and had the same triggers and all.

So now that leaves to question, who actually owns the rights to the game? Was it an original Vegas Tech game sold with dual rights to WGS and Aristocrat, or is it only a game that Aristocrat owned the rights to?

I also noticed a few bit coin like slots that were available under IGT's name that I thought were original to the online slot community, but apparently were also knock offs.

Is this common in the online world, where more shady slot manufacturers like Game Art and WGS steal other people's games to make them online or am I missing the bigger picture here. Just wondering.


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The only place I have ever seen it online is Vegas Tech, looks pretty much identical, not sure about licensing rights.


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Well that's why I was curious about it.

I get manufacturers copy each other all of the time with games.

Like Longhorn, Raging Rhino, and Buffalo are all the same type of game. Just made by different manufacturers.

Yet it just struck me as funny seeing an online game that was supposedly made for Vegas Tech, being touted as theirs by Aristocrat.