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Feb 22, 2001

Webmasters subscribe to professional and ethical standards under new ownership

Watch out for a new professional identification kitemark soon on portals operated by members of the Gambling Portal Webmasters Association acquired recently by Michael Corfman of Casino City fame.

At the time Michael Corfman acquired the Gambling Portal Webmaster's Associaion (GPWA) he said: "I think of the gaming industry as a public garden. If we want people to visit so we can be successful, we have to get rid of the weeds. I believe communities like the GPWA can support the good industry players and expose the bad industry players if they have the right infrastructure in place. We will direct our energy, passion, and resources to build tools that will be of the greatest benefit to the GPWA community."

The energetic Corfman is reportedly about to implement his improvements with a Seal of Approval program for websites of portal webmasters that abide by GPWA private membership requirements. The move follows a consultative phase where GPWA members expessed support for the idea. According to Corfman, the Seal of Approval program is an important first step in his commitment to build an infrastructure and associated tools to support good industry professionals.

In terms of the program, members agree to abide by ethical rules that preclude them plagiarising, spamming or getting involved in pornography. The program will also decrease the risk of players being misled by casino and poker room operators using faux portals for marketing and biased review purposes, and actively discourages the use of "black hat" search engine optimisation practices.

The Gambling Portal Webmasters Association has traditionally required that its members act in a professional and ethical fashion or face the disapproval of their peers, and the new kitemark program will allow websites operated by private GPWA members to be clearly distinguished, thereby helping users to establish the credibility of the sites.

The kitemarks will be linked to a confirmation page on the GPWA website that authenticates the seal and explains what it means. This is at GPWA members will this month be invited to sign up for the program, and all new members will be encouraged to register, too.

The authentication page on the GPWA site carries the following wording:

"The GPWA Seal of Approval is awarded to gambling portal websites that meet our standards and that are affiliated with approved GPWA members who abide by the GPWA code of conduct.

The Seal of Approval linked to this page signifies that the operator of the site is a current GPWA member in good standing who has agreed to abide by strict criteria designed to ensure that the highest ethical standards are upheld at all times and in all situations.

An investigative team headed by GPWA's Fair Gaming Advocate has determined that this site:

* Is managed independently of the online gambling websites it provides information about or promotes.

* Respects and upholds copyright standards.

* Does not send spam email.

* Does not use malicious search engine optimization techniques such as posting spam-like comments in forums and interactive blogs.

* Does not promote or display pornography.

* Provides consumers with information extending beyond banner advertisements and links.

* Acts professionally and respectfully in its business activities."
That's excellent news :) I think that what they are doing is exemplary and I certainly hope that it will go a long way in aiding surfers to know what sites practice honest techniques.

It's a step in the right direction.
Good going, Michael!

I knew this was in the planning and am happy to see it is being implemented.

I have been pushing for players to approve sites for some time, but self policing by webmasters is an excellent step forward.


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