GPWA accredits 125th site


RIP Brian
Feb 22, 2001

Good progress in first three months of program

The Gambling Portal Webmasters Association, a professional organisation focused on improving professional performance and ethical conduct in the webmastering sector, has announced that it has reached a milestone this week with the award of the 125th "Approved Portal Seal" to a member website.

In making the announcement, Steven Corfman, GPWA Fair Gaming Advocate, stated, "It has been wonderful to see the program grow so rapidly since its launch less than 3 months ago. Players are looking for sites they can trust, and honourable webmasters deserve to differentiate themselves from rogue operators.

"The Seal of Approval program provides the distinction these webmasters deserve, and gives consumers the information and assurance to make critical decisions about who is reputable and who to skip past. We are excited about this important milestone and look forward to continued growth."

The GPWA Approved Portal Seal indicates to players that the designated site is managed independently of the sites it provides information about or promotes; that it respects and upholds copyright standards; that it does not send spam email, use unethical search-engine-optimisation techniques, or promote or display pornography; that it provides consumers with information extending beyond banner ads and links; and that it acts professionally and respectfully in its business activities.

Founded in May 2001, the Gambling Portal Webmasters Association was originally designed to strengthen relationships between affiliate program managers and portal webmasters, and give its members a way to collaborate with other webmasters. The GPWA's 4 000+ members communicate and share information in over 80 forums, with 25 000 threads and 180 000 posts.

The organisation was acquired last year by Casino City publisher, Michael Corfman and has been the subject of an extensive reorganisation and professionalisation initiative.