GP and Kahnawake


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With all the crooked stuff that GP gets away with, and the fact that known felones are operating the business, has anyone every contacted Kahnawake Gaming Commission to ask why they continue to license a casino run by known person already convicted of illegal scams


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Ahem...who wants to answer that one?

There were some really funky things happening when they left Microgaming (or were they booted?).

When waves were made by certain individuals, goon squads began to take action...

That's about all I have for now :D



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They've been told. Several times. They don't care. Probably because the same courts that consider Strol and Francis criminals also consider the Kahnewake to be breaking Canadian law.

Native Americans, or members of First Nations as they are known in Canada, have no love for The Man and for good reason. Golden Palace pays a lot of bills that the "legitimate" government didn't.


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I have a friend of mine who is a bonus hunter and recently managed to win $16K here from a measily $500 deposit. (plus 25% bonus) It took him a little over a month to get paid, but he DID get paid.

In the past, I've said more bad things about Golden Palace (and its sub-licensees) than almost anyone here. I will NOT forgive them for thier outright theft from customers in May 2000. But I must admit, from May 2000 until NOW (TWO YEARS) they have run a completely legit operation, and practically every customer complaint that I've been aware of has been resolved in a satisfactory manor.

So is this a case of a rogue casino that's changed for the better? Perhaps. The fact is there's no way to know. They may decide to cheat customers again in the future, but somehow I doubt it. I believe that there priorities have changed, and that they've made a conscious business decision that its more profitable for them not to cheat customers anymore. If they think someone's abusing thier bonus policy, they still are paying the customer, and then a letter is sent to the customer explaining that they can no longer take advantage of bonus/promo offers at any site that uses ECASH WORLD. The customer is not locked out, and can continue playing without any bonuses whatsoever.

However, I do agree that Golden Palace should REMAIN on the Casinomeister blacklist. Golden Palace must still be held accountable for its crimes of the past. The only thing that could possibly change my opinion is if they PAYED all the customers who Golden Palace ripped off.

On a side note, I don't believe the software provider, iGlobalMedia, should have been removed from the Casinomeister blacklist. iGlobalMedia needs to be held accountable for its crimes of the past, TOO.



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You speak of "crimes" by iGlobalMedia...what have they done?...I'm fairly new to this kind of thing, and I'm doing research on software providers, hosting, etc...and want all the info I can get.



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I sent complaints in to Khanawake when the GP fight was raging.

Not even the courtesy of an acknowledgement despite five emails...that said it all for me.


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Iglobalmedia has done more lying, cheating, and stealing from players than just about any other software provider in the industry. In fact, prior to last year, I think they were more crooked than GSS. Why there was not widespread publicity of thier scam is BEYOND me, but prior to Steve Adkin's disappearing act, Steve made certain posts on WOL that linked iGlobalMedia with the
notorious Handa-Lopez, and told OPA members to avoid iGlobalMedia sites.

The Wizard Of Odds did several reviews of the iGlobalmedia software (blackjack game) and his only conclusion is that players were not being given a fair deal. The Wiz put the software through an arsenal of statistical tests, and found it NOT to be random. Check the Wiz's website, and look in Casino Reviews and then check the archive.

Recently iGlobalMedia claims to have UPDATED thier bj game, and claims it no longers has the "bugs" that the previous versions did.

Regardless, they did NOT REFUND A CENT to any player who got screwed. I believe tens of thousands of players were cheated by thier crooked games. I know one player who lost close to $18,000 at one of thier casinos over a 2 day period playing approx $30 average bet. Apparently for every win this player got, the dealer won
EIGHT times.