GENERAL WARNING GoWild, WildJacks -- Now Closing


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Jan 20, 2004
[The historic problems with these casinos are now moot as they are closing at the end of 2020. See end of this thread.]

They were Accredited, now Rogued: see GoWild Casino - Rogue.
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FTR the player involved in the original PAB that helped precipitate this Warning has since posted the following:

I understand that I have breached the Terms and Conditions of the casino and therefore made an agreement with GoWild which is satisfied for me and no more claim will come from my side regarding this case.

We will re-examine this and related GoWild issues over the coming days.
GoWild was moved to the "Grey Zone": Gowild Casino | Grey Zone Casino | Casinomeister

Also, GoWild has now applied a "no discussions" policy regarding player complaints. Players are forced to follow the complaints procedure as described in the Terms, meaning no third party arbitration that isn't pre-approved by the casino. It's simply a tactic to minimize a player's options for raising a complaint against the casino.
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FTR there have been an increasing number of complaints against GoWild. It would appear they are up to their old tricks of using any excuse at hand for denying player payments when it suits them. And of course they still won't talk to 3rd party arbitrators (like us).
As ever with these guys, player beware.
And this just in:
... After 12 years of successful operations, we have made a strategic decision to shut down GOWILD operations, effective as of December 31, 2020.

To this end, we have already begun significantly downsizing. A skeleton team remains in place to ensure that business runs smoothly through the end of the year. ...

What can I say? :rolleyes:

But thanks to @Nate for flagging this for us, much appreciated.
We've had at least one case recently where WildJacks has paid out a player. Hopefully, this is an indication that other players will also be paid what they are owed.

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