GoWild has become my favorite Download MG


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Jul 15, 2012
Hey Guys,

only play very few casinos these days. rizk, gowild and videoslots mainly.

i do have to say i'm impressed how gowild has become better and better the last few years.

forum rep gia is always very responsive, manual flush via chat works always without any issues and during the week you can be sure to get paid the mext day.... pretty solid.

i do jave to say i barely play with bonuses anymore so can't talk about this, but had several big withdrawals the last few months and everything was pretty painless, and if there was something gia was able to sort out fast.

Is it just me or is GoWild really the best/fastes paying download Mg out there?

Even closed my account at their sister casino Wildjackpots so that i don't switch all the time and climb the loyalty letter at gowild... currently only silver but climbing :)

Just wanted to say something positive again and not only post when i'm not happy with something ;-))



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Oct 30, 2015
That is my go to mg casino...it's the manual flushing that I like....although I can only play mg games on their download casino...not on my iPad...no mg games work on my iPad....its ongoing issue....


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Mar 21, 2012
Unfortunately they bailed out of the U.K when the U.K.G.C come into effect, I do not really heard much about them recently but I do they they upped there game a while ago and had some really good feedback,

Saying I do not here from them much, I actually do, I get emails most days from both there sites and I cannot even play there, I no the rep said before send my email but I sure I did, Its not a major problem, A few a week but deleted straight away as whats the point reading when can not play,


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Dec 5, 2013
far far away
yeah i really liked the place when i still actively played (before taking a break) but never really bothered with recovering my account though. Just like most of my old accounts, its tied to my old mail thats not in use anymore and obviously i have no idea what was my username to begin with :D

im just too damn lazy to go through all the hassle, especially after i did all of that for bet365 just to find out my account was brutally murdered (dormant) :mad: Then i tried the same with unibet, and they said my unibet account was last used in 2010 :eek:

take my advice, before you take a long break (like a few years long) make sure you store all your casino accounts names somewhere safe. It really is not that easy to remember all your account names (especially mg or playtech ones). Oh and also make sure you dont lose your old mail that has all your accounts tied to it :D

back to the topic, do they have active rep here ? I might try contacting him/her here if anything else to check if my account is still active. It really is one of maybe 2 or 3 accounts i wouldnt mind getting back. Together with my nr1 playtech site back then, eurogrand but not sure how good is it now. they were really awesome back in the day, and would throw $10 with no wagering every once in a while so no wonder i still remember them :p


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Jun 13, 2015
I do like Gowild great casino, payment is pretty quick comparing to other MG download Casinos, had some good wins there also :thumbsup:


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Mar 5, 2016
I dabbled at GoWild a while back and this post reminded me maybe I should go back and give it another crack! Yes, chat support always friendly and helpful for me and Gia is also very nice and quick to reply which is great! I just mainly stopped playing as I found the rewards were a little too hard to come by or the rewards were great offers but they just required more deposits/WR than I usually like and it was a bit disappointing sometimes compared to other sites I had joined around the same time. But positive side also, MG usually has a few glitches on iPad for me across the board at many places in general but I found playing the games pretty good on mobile and rarely had issues with loading and whatnot! Tempted... Hehe:oops:

Gia - GoWild

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Feb 2, 2011
Hello guys!

Many thanks to all of you for your nice feedback. It's always amazing to see people happy and satisfied with their experience, which is what we've always been striving for. Also, we're constantly looking to improve things, which is why we always encourage our players to share their views with us about pretty much anything.

@theapple : I just sent you a PM regarding your account, I'm sure we can track it down in no time!

@scarletmuse : I also sent you a PM regarding the iPad errors, so we can investigate this. A gaming experience should be flawless, regardless of the device you decide to use.

Thank you again and keep the feedback coming!


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Jan 17, 2014
yup a good, fast paying casino.

Had such terrible luck the first few times. Was pretty frustrated. Lets just say Gia is a beauty lol :)

Verified my documents within 12 hours.

Withdrew $700 last night was in my bank account in 15 hours.

And I love they have echecks. No fee's and no hassle from my bank.

Im not usually a fan of MG only casinos.

One thing that isnt good is their bonuses. The match bonuses of 20% and freespins on min bets of 20 cents are really terrible in my opinion.