does anyone have any experiance with this casinocan youtellmee how they are about paying out winnings?
Hi keith,

Just doing a quick review. I haven't heard much about this casino. They run their own proprietary software (I believe javagames). There is no indication of them being audited or tested by a third party unless I'm missing something. For payouts, they credit your credit card with your initial deposit and send the remainder via bank wire or check. I beleive there is a fee though.

thanks for the reply. i deposited 400 dollars with them ofrom nov 10 thru nov 17th on the 17th i hit the royal flushon the 5 dollar a hand dueces wild with 5 coins or 25 dollars bet it paid 20,000 i did not get a bonus when opening the account i withdrew the balance on sat the 18th and they sent me a confirmation on mon which is the day they do their processing and told me tracking numbers would be available today but then i received a e-mail on tues stateing they were reviewing accounts. i have never gambled online before so i called to ask them what this means to me and they told me i had to talk to carla and that she would be in on thursday when i called she said she couldnt say anything and i need to call sat to talk to someone named steve that they are still reviewing but the customer service dept. told me that they had no idea what this is about . is this normal for online casinos when you hit big or are they giving me the run around? what should i do about collecting my winnings?
thanks keith
hi bryan i contacted steve at gotocasino and he said i am not going to be payed because my account was used by someone else this is not true because nobody new my password he said that their system was frauded but wont give me any profe i did not have this account even for a week and i know nobody used my password because knowone new my password. can you please help me get to the bottom of this , by the way i have web tv and not even a real computer and have never gambled online before this is a nightmarish first time and has totally turned me off of online casinos their adress is
thanks keith
Keith: There is an Online Players Association where the membership is $25 p.a. Steve Adkins, the President, is helpful and very energetic about sorting out problems such as yours. Go to:
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i just wanted to tell anyone who reads this page that i talked to the casino manager on saturday evening and he was very nice and exolanatory he apologized for the inconvenience and delay and said under initial review that they suspect i am breaking rule number 11 which is about "robot players" and software that would defraud there system. i told him i had worldgate and that a robot player was impossible because i can not download with worldgate and he said this might be what is throwing there programers off. he said he would let them know that i have worldgate and would have a decision for me by monday night and that i can rest assured that if i did not cheat there system that i would be paid my winnings. i just want to say that he was very helpfull abd understanding and hopefully this will be solved by monday .
well it is now tuesday and i have not recieved an email or phone call yet i called the casino and they told me to give them my phone number and they would call when the manager came in and i am still waiting 24 hours later. maybe today i will get some answers.
Go to this site Outdated URL (Invalid)
and post your story or e-mail" the shrink" there.
They have a working relationship with GoTocasino.
I believe they can be a great help.

thank you for the info i am going to e-mail him today the situation is still unresolved but they have been in contact with me and i think the problem should be resolved on thursday. there manager and i had a conversation yesterday that cleared some things up and he was more than fair about it i will keep everyone updated thanks again!
i emailed the shrink today it has been 14 days now and still the run around i will keep everyone updated thanks keith

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