Bitch and Moan Got tricked by casumo


Dec 31, 2013
Oh boy I should stop saying that I stop posting in a thread because urge is savage lol
That is not harsh guys and gals. Since I play from here at accredited & 100% reliable sites I never had any problems beside withdrwal delays which Reps sorted out quality fast. My saying is from experience is truly the worst. Support must be clear and transparent even more in a business with transactioned money. TRICK and MYSTERY are magic related not the kind of answer to repetadily get when like an autistic I'm repeating in each post crucial details: the DIGITS and are ignored like are not written.

Also don't know in other countries but condolences are being said, beside death, when awful situations, people, nuances, circumstances, events are so bad that is the best term to show mercy both in true meaning and ironically. More like 'poor creature...' mean condolences if you guys thought was harsh. Is often used in black comedy in both theater/TV.

Put in my shoes and read Rep answer is schoking how unrelated responds and ignore my sayings.
And Tirilej thanks for understanding . I was right in the other thread too when I talked about 'my' people as for your country is the way things are seen outside borders by foreigners like me and I'm not the majority with such thoughts (unfortunately?) I promise that now is buried and never to be mentioned here again by me.

Now to say how malfunction is in my view: I think after I sent the docs and attract attention to acct someone thought that my purpose was to take advantage of the reward system by wagering small deps so interrupted my progress. The truth is, I never managed to touch a withdrawal barrier and I deposit small at multiple casinos instead medium in one go. Usually I never win crap so I extend my chances. Giving the fact that rewards are poor and not each lvl awards, was the last thing to do by keep hunting levels that give 3 Fs DOA, 5 Fs lights and alike with x25 wagering when GUTS is right there.
Follow my digits it is IMPOSSIBLE to not earn at least 4-5 lvls wagering that sum at my lvl range when even the Rep himself say that hardness is increased GRADUALLY.
If happened any other way, will remain like the adventure hidden functions.. a mystery. But something happened and is certain, 'support' acting with common sense throwing random unrelated to the case words.
Did I said how bad this support is? Now I'm being harsh for repeating the obvious.

To add. Jory: if u didn't had the same brick wall at this lvlhow u describe, or anyone else is not obvious that I'm the exception?
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