Got banned from Lucky Slots Casino after ONE deposit? WTF!?


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Jul 16, 2009
New York
So I deposited and redeem the sign up bonus for Lucky Slots Casino and I made wagering requirements and decided to cash out. After my documents were approved and my withdrawal was approved I get this email:


We have reviewed your account and you are no longer eligible to receive deposit bonuses at this site, or any of our sister sites.

You are able to deposit and play - just not receive deposit bonuses.

Accounts Department
Lucky Slots Casino

Now what the hell is up with that?


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Apr 2, 2007


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Oct 14, 2004
United Kingdom
You didn't LOSE - a MASSIVE sin in their eyes. They have a poor understanding of casino maths, SOME players will just happen to be lucky the first time, it DOESN'T mean it will necessarily keep on happening, but this silly ban on bonuses will ensure that the winnings are lost back TO ANOTHER CASINO, rather than back to them.

Many casinos have the explanation "this doesn't mean you cannot win with your bonus", but it is a crock of s**t, you will still get PUNISHED for winning off a bonus. Bonuses are designed in the EXPECTATION that they will make an overall profit for the casino, but this does NOT mean that EVERY player will bust out, SOME will have to win, and it will be DIFFERENT players winning each time a promotion is run.

Remember, the designed RTPs are set to take account of the value of bonuses on offer, so being banned from deposit bonuses, without having anything else in the way of compensation (such as enhanced comp points) makes your play return LESS total RTP than a player who IS getting all the promotions, cashbacks, gifts, etc.