Got a Beef against offshore betting?


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Got a Beef against offshore betting? Then you better get in line.

Parents and friends of players watch Manitoba Junior Hockey League games for love of the game and some flashes of amateur brilliance. But others have been taking an interest in the games for financial reasons., based in Curacao, is well known to the more informed online sports bettor. Pinnacle offers wagering on the NHL and lesser leagues including the MJHL. The discovery that an offshore betting company is offering wagering on the league shocked many in the sport. Kim Davis is the Manitoba Junior Hockey League commissioner. "Our league does not condone that sort of act and it is unfortunate our games are offered for sale," said Davis, who also admitted that he did not know betting was offered on the league. "We don't know if wagers are being made, but we do know they are available."
Surprise was expressed by many involved in junior hockey when they learned that betting was offered. Some were a little angry also.

But what can really be done to stop gambling companies profiting from customers wagering on amateur sports? Not much. Betting on professional sports is big business and the professional leagues have not yet been able to stop offshore companies
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