Google,Lycos,Overture&Yahoo stop online gambling advertisements? what do you think?



In the USA, the DoJ continues to tighten the media noose - Google, Lycos, Overture and Yahoo have all announced that they will not carry online gambling advertisements in the immediate future according to Reuters reports and an article by Matt Richtel that appeared in the NY Times and The International Herald Tribune over last weekend.

I am also informed that recently, alot of restrictions and regulation has been released against online gambling. Is there a day when all online casinos have to close their site?
I doubt it - well, with regards to Europe. Its not illegal here in the UK for players to play online, or for online casinos to advertise (according to UK advertising standards)- and the gaming board here are moving to get it fully regulated and offer online licenses here (rather than the current offshore situation)

I do think that online casinos that cater solely for US players are finding it harder though - they're the ones that will suffer and there's already a big shift in the market into countries that are more flexible towards online gaming in general
Well as I understand it, Yahoo!'s ban on gambling advertisements only applies to its US sites. I have checked and there are loads of them still.

I am glad, as an Irish person, that we do not have a redneck leader like Bush in charge of us, telling us that gambling is a "sin" blah blah blah and trying to throw us into jail if we play it online or try to set up an online casino.

We don't at all have the tradition of deference towards our head of government over here that seems to pertain in the US, e.g. criticism of Carole Coleman's combative interview with President Bush a few months ago. Politicians should be open to criticism and should not just be followed like sheep.

I cannot understand why some people on this forum say they are going to vote for Dubya given that he would gladly see them thrown into jail for spending their own money as they please without harming anyone else.

This is about RELIGION. That is the motivation behind Bush's policy on this. He seems obsessed with it!

Reminds me of Ireland in the 1950's when our politicians took their orders from the Catholic Church.
Interestingly (perhaps), Google's ban extends to their international sites also even though the restrictions are put in place primariliy for the US market. They wont accept adwords accounts for gambling on either although they suggested in an email to me a while back this may be reviewed in the future.
Yep. While on my recent California excursion, I saw Party Poker ads on the Game Show Channel.

And today CNN is running "International Sports Betting" ads:
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This includes everyone from Intercasino to Ladbrookes, to etc., etc.
And today CNN is running "International Sports Betting" ads:

So as far as I can tell, (International edition) are running in-house ads for their CNN text service that in turn are advertising online sportsbetting (which is acceptable to run on TV text services).

Well, thats definitely one way to get round an issue...

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