Google Is About To Get Caffeinated With A Faster Search Index


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Dec 16, 2004
Google Is About To Get Caffeinated With A Faster Search Index

Google is getting serious about realtime search, adding Twitter, Facebook, and MySpace streams into results and adding a recent updates option which is addictive. But behind the scenes Google is also getting ready to push out an entirely new way for indexing the Web. Codenamed Caffeine, Google has been testing it since last summer in one datacenter, and is now getting ready to push it out across all of Google. Some SEO-minded tipsters say that they are starting to notice faster search response times, but Google is sticking to the party line that Caffeine wont roll out until after the New Year (in part so that everybody can enjoy the holidays).
by Erick Schonfeld
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Google Analytics Adds New Features

Following Octobers release of Google Analytics new features, Google has just released another set of very cool new features. Among them is Annotations, a tremendously useful new feature both to analysts as well as executives, who are usually not up to date on granular details about website activity.

The annotations feature basically allows users to make comments on graphs regarding events that happened on specific days. For example, have you ever used Snagit or some other screen capture utility to create an snapshot image like the one below to explain what happened on a specific analytics graph?
by Daniel Waisberg
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