Google and Yahoo Ban Online Casino Ads


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Jun 30, 1998
Looks like a lot of webmasters will be saving $$$ on purchasing ad space at Yahoo and Google.

I believe Overture is affected as well...

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This could be good news (every cloud etc etc etc) for the top online gambling portals as the casinos and sportsbooks look elsewhere to deploy their marketing budgets - especially sites outside USA that are heavily used by US gamblers.
It's going to hit affiliate sites the hardest -- the ones which have a large budget to purchase pay-per-clicks at Overture and positioning at Yahoo/Google. I'm sure a number of these sites will say the hell with it, many more will direct their efforts to Europe and elsewhere.

Just goes to show how a bunch of dickheads in the US Department of Justice can make these big corps. cower.

But then I would snivel and cower too :(

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