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Mar 4, 2004
South Africa
Is anybody making use of Google analytics? I need to know a few opinions about it. I tested Urchin about 3 years ago and was quite pleased with it but back then it was still a log analyzer and one of the best available.
Hi Dom

I am a statistics freak aswell :D

I have requested an invite again today, so I am waiting. This is my 3rd request in so many months. But I understand it is finally going faster. I can't wait to test drive it.
I use it as well, but actually prefer StatsCounter. I like the simplicity of their stats. However, I still check my Analytics now and then. I guess I am a stats freak also :(

I use it. First it were pleased, but it did then understand that this system several hm... .on the whole by it what that does not be sufficient functionality surely, or this 4 something I do not understand?

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