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Feb 22, 2001
It looks as if there will be good news from Goodfellows in a media release due later today. The OPA will continue to maintain a watching brief on this issue until it is clear that it has been fully resolved.
I didn't cash my $500 cheque they sent about a month ago and I noticed just now that it was back in my casino account so I cashed it in again. I asked them to send it by paypal this time!

Proc Cyber has just processed my withdrawal for Goodfellows.

I sent them an email asking if this was an
April Fools joke.
I am still waiting for my money from these guys. I can't figure out what they are doing. I get prompt responses from their support team which I interpret to be a good sign, but then keep getting the run around regarding my cashout. Two days ago they sited their "audit" again as their reason for not being able to pay any accounts until 5/31/02. (On their site, they claim this audit was completed a couple of months ago.)

Has anyone actually received their money from Good Fellows?

Goodfellows are closing in fast on their own deadline for payment to everyone of 31 May.

If they don't make that date after jerking the players around for so long they will be done. Definitely.
Goodfellows DID pay me nearly 1000 from its
$50 no deposit promo. However it seemed that they put my complaint at the top of there list as I contacted PWC to complain. I also received a letter from someone at MGS telling me the problem would be fixed and the money sent.

It seems other players weren't so lucky.
From what we have seen in the past this is another classic indicator - putting complainants to the head of the "to pay" line, working on the principle of keeping them quiet and the problem under wraps.
Source: MGS Website

Microgaming announces that the licence for the operation of the casino owned by Big Global, which runs Goodfellows Casino, has been terminated with immediate effect. Microgaming is aware that for some time there have been player allegations that pay outs to players have not been made by Goodfellows casino.

In the interests of fairness, arrangements have been made for players that have still not had their claims paid by Big Global by the 10th of June 2002, to put their claims to PricewaterhouseCoopers Inc. (Johannesburg) (PwC). PwC will receive player's complaints with a view to verifying the correctness thereof, and advising of any amounts that should be paid. This process is entirely under the control of PwC, and Microgaming will not be involved in any way. The funds to be used for such payouts are being placed by Microgaming in trust and will not be under the control or ownership of Microgaming. PwC will advise the trustees of any amounts that should be paid.

All players who believe that they have a valid claim should approach PwC from the 11th of June 2002 at the e-mail address given below. Players should note that a time limit has been placed on the lodgement of such claims, and all claims should be lodged by the 11th July 2002.

Claims must be addressed to: These claims should clearly state the claimant's full name and login-id as registered at the casino involved.

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