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Jul 23, 2006
Manchester UK
Here is the update on my Mummys Gold bonus and locked account issue.
Today I recieved the following email;

From: "The Palace Group Support" <>

>Hi there David,
>Update on your 100% Festive bonus extension.
>Kindly note that the Casino Manager has personally reviewed your request and wishes to remind you that both the claim form and Terms clearly state:
>"Only 1 Bonus is permitted per player and additional deposits made once the Claim Form has been submitted will not be taken into consideration."
>However, in keeping with the Season of Goodwill, Casino Manager is happy to over look this rule and qualify half of the additional £20 deposit made on December 23rd.
>As such, an extra 100% Festive Bonus of £10 can be credited to your Bonus Account, should you request your casino account to be re-opened, as credits cannot be made to locked account.
>We eagerly await your response.
>Kindest regards,
>Customer Service Representative

.........and my reply;

Thank you for your response and advice that the claim form does indeed state these T&C's but my original complaint was that the promotional email I recieved did NOT and this is what I claimed from.(see below)

Hello David,

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Promotion Details:

Start and End Times: 6pm ET. (10pm GMT.)
From: Thursday, December 21st, 2006
Until: Wednesday, December 27th, 2006

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I understand that Mummys Gold Casino are perfectly within their rights not to offer any bonus under their T&C's but you have not addressed the issue of what difference it makes if I claim £20 twice or £40 once regardless of your T&C's. Just because it is there does NOT make it right and you have not mentioned if you intend to revise future promo emails to include the T&C's or revise the way the offer can be claimed.

You will note that I have almost earned enough loyalty points from wagers to claim a Bonus but you may keep this as I have no intention of unlocking my account because;

You gave me no reason why my account had been locked in the first place, without any notification or justification, even though I requested this information.
I find this totally unacceptable and will not be playing at any of your Casinos in the future.

Yours sincerely


I have actually praised this Group on these pages in the past for their excellent customer support but any group that locks an account without notification or reason is way out of line.
I can not advise people to not play there as before this debacle they were my favourate group and hopefully my story is an aberration but personally I will not spend another penny with them.

I agree you have to read it carefully, but the T&C are clear though.

But I wish more casinos would follow the Grand Prive and Big Dollar casino bonus system which basically work like RTG coupons. This way you are able to claim it yourself instantly (after depositing) and not having to send email/live chat/wait 48 hours/phone etc.

Other MG casinos are way behind RTG/Crypto/Rival/WagerWorks/Grand Virtual
when claiming bonuses.

But at least the MG clearplay bonus system is easy to understand when you
finally get a bonus. (Though I have heard a few complaints of casinos not
honouring these terms).

I agree you have to read it carefully, but the T&C are clear though.

Yes but they are pointless and the promotional email from which I made my claim had no mention of it and that is how the mistake was made.Fair enough if there additional T&C's in the claim form but I simply pasted in my account number and sent it.
My main gripe is that I had my account locked without notification and no reason has been given.I can only assume it is because I have complained.That is just plain wrong.
ok I dont agree about your account being locked without any notification but I do think that the terms on the claim form are very plain to see and its probably not the best thing to just paste your account on something and send it in without reading it.
My main gripe is that I had my account locked without notification and no reason has been given.I can only assume it is because I have complained.That is just plain wrong.

newsflash...a frontlines CSR has little if no power to lock an account, behind the scenes operations department does that. So their CSR may not have been happy about your complaints, rude or not, but they're just following the status quo. ... been there done that.
I see so they offer me a goodwill gesture on the one hand and lock my account on the other.Makes no sense to me but I guess it is just typical of the industry.
I can assure you I have been nothing but civil with them.
P.S. about the account locked without notification, what happens is the operations department flags an account and locks it, and when the player tries to log in and surprise! can't, contacts the casino. CS may or may not reveal the reason for locking, but will confirm that the player can't access their account...duh!
Isn't it safe to say that if they would have at least given you an explanation for locking your account, things would be different?
Very mich different.
No notice that my account had been locked and no reason given as to why.
The rights and wrongs of the Bonus issue are open to debate but IMO the whole affair could of been handled much better.
What a mess! Unless the casino has another reason for locking the account, this is just plain wrong. It should now be reopened with an apology to Rusty. If they dont want to give any bonus, it's fine because the terms are in their favour. Thye dont have to change tack just because a complaint has been made in this forum.

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